by Brian Solis

I <3 Los Angeles and the people who are defining the social economy and expanding the mainstream pervasiveness of the new Web.

This consequential, yet humble group of digital influencers is investing in not only their own ideas, but actively collaborating around the vision of others – literally putting the “social” in the Social Web. It’s an incredible movement that is growing in LA as well as other cities around the world, creating a network of connected beacons that unite to create a global community while defining the next tech economy.

The TechSet convened in Los Angeles at the ultra-stylish Luxe Hotel last night as part of a “mini” Internet Week that is storming Southern California and hosting the digerati every night this week.

The TechSet represented a new era of celebrity, bringing together emerging, successful and popular personalities, artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and connectors. The night was beautiful, warm, and more importantly, the perfect place to meet those rich in intellect and forge new relationships that serve as catalysts to future projects and engagements.

It was unpretentious and inviting and we look forward to hosting the next TechSet in Los Angeles very soon. Thank you for being part of it and for making it such a special, productive, and memorable evening.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Becky Ryan and Heather Meeker

Sean Percival

Melodi Cowan and Dave Mathews

Julian Brass

Oren Michels of Mashery


Jennifer Fader

Jullianna Raye

Harry Gantz and Tim Street

Dave Mathews and Stephanie Agresta

Valerie Cunningham and Aaron Strout of Mzinga

Becky Ryan, Brian Solis, Heather Meeker

Todd Cohen and Ian Kilpatrick

Greg Narain and Jackie Peters

Heather Lipner

Liz Federowicz

Wm. Marc Salsbury, Melodi Cowan, Michael Pilla, Alicia Lin

Damon Alexander Young

?, Kurt Dardics, Yvonne Randolph

Michael Terpin

Seth Shapiro

Brooks Bayne and Alicia Lin

Andrew Justin, Greg Narain, Jackie Peters, and Brian Solis


The view

Brian Solis

Sean Percival

For more pictures from the TechSet @Luxe party, visit my album on flickr.

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