by Jacob Morgan


Wolfram Alpha the once dubbed “Google killer” search engine has taken a bold step by introducing a new Iphone app…a new $50 Iphone app.  The price is a bit steep but according to a post on Mashable, this app comes with every bell and whistle you can think of.  Here are just a few things the app offers:

  • graphic calculator
  • mortgage calculator
  • ability to solve complex mathematical equations
  • provide you with census data and information
  • give you historical data for specific dates

Rumor is that if you buy the app you can even leave your kids alone with it and it will babysit them for you (ok kidding on that part).  The question still comes down to whether or not this application is worth $50.  Personally I would find it a bit annoying to start graphic or doing calculus on my iphone, I’d rather stick to the specialized calculators that can do that for me.  Then again, I’m not an advanced mathematics or chemistry student.  I also can’t imagine ever needing to use some of these features on the fly, such as the mortgage calculator.

Accessing Wolfram Alpha from your safari browser on your Iphone also pulls up a lot of useful information that you can research for free, without downloading the $50 app.  I think the app is pretty powerful and gives you access to a lot of information, however I think it’s a bit too expensive. 

Would you buy this app?

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    Jose18 October 2009 6:34 pm

    Uh, no