creative-commons-logoCreative Commons announced today that Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife, Ann Wojcicki of 23andme, have donated half a million dollars to the non-profit. Creative Commons focuses on expanding and improving copyright and licensing in the digital era. The money will go to help Creative Commons as a whole, but will have a special focus on Science Commons, an initiative that focuses on lifting legal and technical barriers on research. The Creative Commons blog states that

Today’s challenging economic climate has made it difficult for nonprofit organizations like Creative Commons to raise funds, making Wojcicki and Brin’s wonderful gift all the more appreciated. CC is busier than ever – we’re working with artists, scientists, educators, students, programmers, entrepreneurs, companies, universities, governments, and cultural institutions around the world to increase sharing and improve collaboration in ways that benefit all parts of society. As a nonprofit, we simply couldn’t do this work without the generous support of people like Wojcicki and Brin, as well as the other private donors, foundations, and corporations that enable Creative Commons to operate.

This private donation is in addition to the support Creative Commons receives from Google.



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