One of the coolest little features of the new Control Center is the options it offers.

First, did you know you can access the Control Center right from your lock screen? Similar to how iOS6 let you access the camera quickly, you can now swipe up and view the Control Center. (If this doesn’t work for you go to Settings > Control Center and select Access on Lock Screen.)

Now, the Control Center is pretty neat. You can quickly access airplane mode, wifi, bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and Screen Rotation Lock.

Control Center

The brightness ad volume sliders are there too. But look a little further. You can pop your iPhone into Speaker mode from here too.

Additionally, if you’re fumbling with your keys on a dark night, there’s a Flashlight built in. (So long hundreds of Flashlight apps!) A timer is accessible from here, as well as the Calculator (calculate those tips) and the camera.


Just a quick tip per day to get you up and running with some less publicized features of iOS7:

Previously if you wanted to block a caller, you had to go into your Verizon or AT&T account and block each number manually.  Now you can do it right from your iPhone.

Just go into your Phone button and select either Generic Cialis Recents or Contacts.

Choose the number or contact you wish to block.

Scroll down and choose Block Caller.

Block Caller

iPhone will make sure you really want to block the person. Confirm your selection.

Confirm Block

Note that this blocks the contact from reaching you via voice, FaceTime, and Text. You can always Unblock the caller (same process) at any time.


Just some quick tips every day to help you adjust to the new and different iOS7.

My absolute favorite feature, by far, is the one no one has really mentioned. When I was running in beta, I discovered it and now I wonder how I lived without it.

Unread Mail is now available from your Mailboxes screen.

Unread Mail

From your mailboxes screen, tap the EDIT button.

Scroll Buy Levitra down on the resulting screen. You’ll see a list of mailboxes, including All Trash, All Sent, Unread Mail, and more. Select the mailboxes you’d like to display on your mailboxes screen and tap Done.

Add Mailboxes

 I like to keep Unread mail near the top. In fact, since I started using the Unread Mail box, it makes handling my mail a lot more efficient and easier.


As first reported by Mashable, Facebook is rolling out Shared Photo Albums.

A much needed feature that should up engagement even more, the shared photo album feature will allow up to 50 contributors to join an album. Each contributor can upload 200 photos, giving you the potential for an album of 10,000 photos. Previously, Facebook albums were limited to 1,000 photos and one user.


 Imagine a wedding. All the guests can share their photos in one album, allowing all attendees to see all the photos. Previously, you might see a few albums from individuals, but due to friending and privacy settings, you might miss out on somatroph hgh all of the event photos.

According to Mashable, there are specific privacy settings for the new shared albums:

The new shared albums have three available privacy settings: public, friends of contributors and contributors only. This gives the album creator control over who has access to the group’s images, said Bob Baldwin, the software engineer at Facebook who spearheaded the project with colleague Fred Zhao.

The new feature was created at one of the company’s all night Hackathon events. They’ll be rolling out this feature, starting today, to a limited number of English-speaking users. It will be slowly distributed to all English users and then distributed internationally.

I was checking into a new book on Champagne on Amazon this afternoon when I noticed a new button – “Add to Collection.”  Imagine my surprise when I realized that Amazon is launching their own version of Pinterest.


This makes sense. After all, why have people posting Amazon things on Pinterest when they could be pinning to Amazon directly, sharing with others and shopping right at that moment. One of the annoying things for me about Pinterest is that I don’t always know where to get the things that are pinned. But if it’s pinned on Amazon, I can get it at Amazon. Brilliant.

Basically, the concept is the same as Pinterest. You can create collections, customizing each name and adding as many things as you want. You can browse other people’s collections as well, pinning their finds to your own collections.

Not all products have the “Add to Collection” button yet. But if you click that little “Learn More” link in the dialog, you’ll find you can add a “Collect” button to your browser, allowing you to pin anything on Amazon’s site. Right now, this feature seems to be limited both in scope (you’re confined to Amazon’s site and not the rest of the web) and in release (not all products have the magic button). We’ll see how well it takes off and what Amazon does with the data.