by Michelle Lentz

How many people do you know who are laid off? I know several. About two weeks ago, I sat in my living room and coached my sister-in-law on LinkedIn, blogging, and Twitter – all necessary tools for the now in-transition worker.

Now Twitter can help in more ways than just getting your name out there. Brian Solis, in conjunction with Christopher Peri, have taken your job search one step further. Thanks to some graphic design help from Jeremy Bogdan, Microjobs lets you know who is hiring.

You may remember Brian and Christopher’s MicroPR, which they launched (with Stowe Boyd) back in November. MicroPR uses Twitter to connect bloggers and PR folks. Think of Microjobs as an extension.

Microjobs ( requires a give and take from companies and those in transition. Here’s how it works:


  • Companies tweet to Microjobs making sure to start the tweet with @microjobs and including contact information.
  • If you have room, add relevant tags, such as #socialmedia, #developer, #SAP, etc.
  • Example: @microjobs X is hiring for X. Contact us via X. #jobtype #jobtype


  • Follow @microjobs on Twitter.
  • If the position is relevant, follow up. Don’t follow up through Microjobs. Instead, use the contact information the company provided.

I was surprised at how many people are already posting jobs. They’re out there – you just need to know where to look. Microjobs is making that easier.


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    thejobsguy5 March 2009 9:11 pm

    We are also posting open jobs on Twitter, and on our blog. Today, March 5th, we posted links to over 450 open jobs around the country.