connect_graphic2More Facebook news, as if you hadn’t gotten enough this week. Facebook has released numbers on its Facebook Connect adoption, and has also begun to roll out its new privacy policy. While the two aspects of Facebook’s news are concerning different areas of the company, they are still interrelated. The Facebook Connect facet of Facebook’s larger social platform concerns the love triangle between itself, its developers and its users, providing Facebook a way to interact better with the public web. The social network’s new privacy policy roll out will help to control that ever-changing relationship as Facebook looks to find better ways to remain in a dominant position.

Facebook Connect now has a reported 80,000 publishers using its bridging tools as active conduits for connecting the social network’s users to their own sites as well as to other Facebook users. This means a heavy increase in news feed activity, and a bit of automated behavior that users may forget to consider.

The potential for site publishers to increase their own visibility and interactivity makes Facebook Connect appealing for developers and site publishers, while users will appreciate it primarily for its ease of use when connecting their Facebook activity with the other stuff they already like to do on the web. In connecting Facebook with other sites, users also have a faster way of implementing new user profiles, sharing options and their own feedback for carrying over various discussions and bits of activity they pursue across the web.

Yes, this may make things a little too easy. Users can have activity taking place on their news feed that they may not even see directly, which makes it very easy to forget about all together. Fcebook has done a pretty good job with its Connect options, as you still must approve additional Facebook posting when linking one site’s content to your Facebook profile. But there’s still an increasing amount of remote interaction that’s going on with the incorporation of Facebook Connect.

Facebook is addressing this with its new privacy policy, which has been anticipated for months now. While there aren’t too many details that have been released about the ways in which the new privacy policy will affect end users, developers and businesses that take advantage of Facebook Connect and other areas of Facebook actions, there will be more end user control for the information shared through one’s news feed.

Ultimately I don’t think the changes will have a negative affect on third party site publishers or developers, though they may need to continue to seek ways in which to leverage the new capabilities of Facebook and its privacy policy for improved communication with their users. Hopefully the changes made will be for the better, and will provide ways in which end users can retain control over their profiles.

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    bizzle17 December 2012 6:44 pm

    Where did you find the 80,000 publisher number? Can you provide a reference?