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Web 1.0 was all about the “e-”conomy. Web 2.0 is driven by the social economy and the social capital that defines the new landscape.

Rather than try to classify it as a bubble and in turn, attempt to predict when it will pop, there are other more important factors that highlight and provide a glimpse at the future of the Web.

bub.blicio.us is here to help capture the excitement and insight behind everything two-point-oh and beyond, providing a lens into the social landscape that’s energizing and shaping the new economy.

The social landscape extends across all types of industries from automotive, beauty and fashion to tech, travel and so many others. At bub.blicio.us we cover it all to bring you what’s bubbling up across the Social Web.

Keep us on your list. Share with us your events, parties, products, contests, campaigns, or whatever is bubblicious to you. Drop us a line at dontpop at gmail dot com or to our writers directly.

- Brian Solis, publisher, bub.blicio.us