Watching TVYouTube is a video powerhouse. There’s absolutely nothing that can come close to the enormous success that the company has had over the past few years. Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to the site and each minute, 60 hours are viewed with over 4 billion views per day–this is quite a bit of activity on YouTube. So it’s no surprise that Google is eager to keep people engaged with the service–it’s practically a natural way of life now (at least for some people).

Today, YouTube announced that it was releasing some new important features to its service that offers you more ways to watch, share, and enjoy the channels and videos you love so much. These three new features include being able to easily promote your Google+ profile on YouTube, posting to your channel feed, and enhanced annotations on videos.

Promoting Google+ on your YouTube channel

This first feature that is being unveiled is the ability for users to share their Google+ profile right on their YouTube channel. In doing so, Google is hoping to directly tie YouTube with their young social network. It makes sense to want to do that since they’re both Google properties and perhaps a lot of YouTube clips are being shared on the network. Eventually, if the service manages to record Google+ hangouts, when viewed independently from Google+, users will be able to find a way to the creator of the video and add them to a circle via the Google+ icon on the YouTube channel.

Introducing the YouTube wall

This isn’t one of YouTube’s most interesting updates. And they’re not creating a “wall” per se like what you would see on Facebook, but the service is making it easier to share interesting videos on your own Channel Feed through the use of what they call Channel Bulletin. When you’re looking at your feed, a box labeled “Post to Feed” will be there where you can add commentary and links to cool videos that you happen to enjoy viewing. Right now, the only things featured on your feed are videos that you uploaded, favorited, or commented on. If you don’t want to do any of those three, but still want to share, then you can use this Channel Bulletin option.

Another update with respect to the “YouTube Wall” (that I coined, not YouTube), a subtle update in how the events featured on your feed are displayed. Each video event featured has been changed to do the following three things: (1) make the video title more prominent for upload and sharing events, (2) allow for aggregated events to feature a “+more” button that will bring “more attention to the event than the previously smaller notification”, and (3) added videos will be in a playlist with a new cleaner style.


Sometimes we might want the ability to customize the videos that we upload. Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t giving users the ability to edit like you would in Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, or any other video editing software. However, they have spruced up their Annotations Editor by providing a new annotation type, a full color palette, and a new timeline. The Annotations Editor will include additional annotation styles that will enable you to choose a design to apply to your videos as well as your annotations.

You can read more about the YouTube feature release here on their company blog.

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