by Brian Solis

I’m working from the press room at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and my pal Marshall Kirkpatrick asked me if I have tried MySocial 24×7, a new tool for keeping up with your FriendFeed firehose.

Marshall wrote about it here.

TechCrunch covered it yesterday here.

The timing is uncanny. I had downloaded and was getting ready to run AlertThingy, an Adobe Air desktop client for FriendFeed based on the API, for a story I was writing for I was a bit hesitant to do so because I’m a Webworker. I usually work from my Firefox browser, and I do have several plugins installed and running simultaneously, but it’s strategically contained…well, for the most part anyway – courtesy of continuous partial attention.

Having FriendFeed at least aggregates the disparate attention that flies across the Web within my social graph within one flow. Now, having it running on the side of my browser while I “partially” focus on other things at the same time, provides a more effective solution for reading, sharing, and working. I can view my friends, everyone, as well as my own updates.

MySocial also offers the ability to view specific updates from friends within particular social networks, as well as update and @reply without leaving the page that I’m on. For example right now, I’m writing this post as I read and update my stream from the same window.

The only thing that I would love to see is a more useful growl feature. Right now it simply provides an alert that says “so and so” updated on “such and such”, but it doesn’t show what they’ve shared.

Wait. Louis Gray just walked into the room and now we’re talking about FriendFeedMachine, which allows you to follow certain people to focus on a particular flow.

As of right now, MySocial 24×7 is my new BFF for FriendFeed.

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