by Michelle Lentz

Now that these stats are out there, are we all going to run screaming from Facebook because it’s losing it’s cool?

Inside Facebook had previously reported that the fastest growing demographic for Facebook is women over 55. But in the last 60 days, the 35 and Up demographic has doubled on Facebook.

I’m occasionally over 35, so I shouldn’t be surprised. In fact, if you consider that most of my high school seems to have found me on Facebook, I’m definitely not the only one. But for a lot of the over 40 crowd, Facebook still remains “that thing those college kids use.” It may be a fast growing demographic, but based on the Intro to Social Media classes I teach, it’s not that fast.


Graphs and charts from Inside Facebook

My sister-in-law informed her mother that Facebook has an age limit. It’s good for a laugh and if you really don’t want Mom on Facebook, who knows? It might work!


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