It is no secret that traditional media has been on the decline since the advent of social media. Consumer trust of traditional media sources, and corresponding advertising spend by businesses, has continued to drop in recent years.

Businesses used to focus their marketing efforts on a few key channels (television, radio, and print). These media have very few decision makers controlling what stories and advertising they run, and it’s easy to identify who these influencers are. In social media, figuring out who matters most can be a daunting task.

The influencers (the people affecting our actions) are found in our network. They are the friends, celebrities, and other trusted sources that we follow. Sometimes, they are even you or me.

Here is a video outlining four rules that businesses can follow when determining who the influencers in their market are today:

Who influencers your decisions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Disclosure: In addition to being a contributor to Bubblicious, I also work at FutureWorks. The above video was commissioned by mBLAST, a FutureWorks client.

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