SXSW 2012 - Samsung TechSet Blogger LoungeHave you ever wondered what people were talking about when they were saying “Honeybadger don’t care” or “Double Rainbow!” or perhaps are at a loss when people as you if you saw the Internet blow up when Congressman Todd Akin made a controversial statement or what people are talking about when they refer to #NBCFail? Well one clear source for the latest trends happening on the Internet just happens to be the original web series “What’s Trending” hosted by television personality, actress, and blogger, Shira Lazar.

Each week, this one-hour program airs to share with the Internet community the latest and greatest things happening so you’re aware of the trends that technology is having on our lives. Sure, it might not affect you directly, but let’s face it, the world is moving at much faster pace with the increased usage of the Internet and one simply cannot reply on watching the regularly scheduled news at 10 or 11pm to find out what’s happening…so it falls to services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other creative services to help fill that goal to share the wealth of knowledge in order to get you up-to-date on the happenings affecting your life. Would the world known so much about the internal conflicts of the Arab Spring had it not been for the Internet? What about results and news of the London 2012 Summer Olympics? Occupy Wall Street movements? A lot more have become aware of not only world events, but also cultural and societal news that have helped to shape the world as we know it.

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter announced some pretty amazing news. It seems that Ms. Lazar is going to expand the “What’s Trending” program–the first time in in the show’s history that it’s going to be covering more than simply just general topics. Starting this Monday, “What’s Trending” takes the Internet by storm on the largest video sharing network every day of the work week at noon PST. That’s right folks…this Emmy-nominated show is going to be airing 18- to 20-minute segments casting the spotlight on some of the Internet generation’s hottest YouTube stars. While most likely their main show, broadcast on Wednesdays weekly, will cover normal tech and lifestyle topics, the new daily episodes will focus on the numerous viral videos that people often find on YouTube (pretty much where the undiscovered are crowdsourced to be found).

This totally makes perfect sense and Ms. Lazar and the rest of the “What’s Trending” team are right for the job–and hopefully up for the task. YouTube has become a juggernaut of information and fun and catchy content since it’s creation years ago. From now hosting live shows to funny cat videos and finally to those incessant, but yet hilarious memes, when people want to recap what they see, missed, and want to relive. In essence, YouTube has become the new television. And the “What’s Trending” team totally recognized this–the team told The Hollywood Reporter that for their show, they’ve noticed that “many times there will be video at the center” and also that YouTube plays a big role in that content.

It will be interesting to see what kind of content is featured on the daily episodes of “What’s Trending”. With the huge explosion of viral videos and popular hits happening practically each day, I’m sure that the exposure that Ms. Lazar gives to these videos will surely create a new class of video celebrities in no time. Don’t believe me about how popular people can really be on YouTube? Just check out this list of top stars on the social network now–millions of hits and thousands upon thousands of subscribers hanging onto their every word and producing some of the most engaging and popular content around. Accessed in over 43 countries around the world by over 800 million unique visitors each month, YouTube has quite an audience–focusing a whole show to the power of the medium is quite possibly a great move.

So if you’re looking for the hottest videos on the web today, make sure you check out “What’s Trending“, starting this Monday, on YouTube for their new daily show beginning at noon PST.

Photo Credit: Shira Lazar from South by Southwest Interactive 2012 via Kenneth Yeung/Flickr

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