Back in September, when I was refusing to even think about snow, I was sent a pair of SmarTouch gloves from Isotoner (free sample, etc). The SmarTouch gloves are one of the many types of gloves you’ll find on the market this year that allow you to use your touchscreen device without freezing your fingers off. I wasn’t immediately blown away, mostly because it was still in the 80 degree range in Cincinnati and because they are a terrible teal color. I sort of filed the gloves away for later use.

Thanksgiving arrived and we headed north to Chicago to visit family. On a whim, I took the Isotoner SmarTouch gloves with me. After all, it was cold in Cincinnati, but freezing in Chicago. The gloves work. I had no problem keeping the gloves on and using my HTC Incredible (touchscreen) or my husband’s iPhone. I had to slow my typing a bit, as the gloves are larger than just my bare hands, but they certainly worked without a problem.

Some of the gloves you’ll see on the market have small metallic receptors sewn in – I’m not completely sure what happens when you need to clean those gloves. The Isotoners are completely washable, which is good. They work because they have conductive threads embroidered on teh index fingers and thumbs. The threads convey electrical impulses to the touchscreen.

The Isotoner SmarTouch gloves are available in men’s and women’s styles. I’ve seen them on-sale a lot locally, considering that it’s 23 degrees in Ohio now. Are they warm? Well, they aren’t the warmest gloves I own, nor are they as warm as any of my leather gloves, which is really what I prefer. (If someone makes leather touchscreen compatible gloves, please let me know!) On the other hand, they certainly beat fingerless gloves when it’s 23 degree out. The gloves worked well enough that I actually purchased a grey pair, which I find much more practical than teal.

Isotoner is also running a “Give the Gift of Touch” sweepstakes in which you and a friend can win a pair of gloves and an iPad. All you have to do is send a friend a virtual pair of smarTouch™ gloves on Facebook. If they click on the gift, both are entered to win.

SmarTouch gloves are available at most major department stores and online. They retail for around $40 but always seem to be on sale for around $19.99 – $25.


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