by Brian Solis

TwitterFriends is one of the most compelling analytical tools for identifying relevant conversationalists, revealing conversation patterns, and visualizing material conversation networks, by Twitter ID. The services aims to map the “relevant net” for any given user, which is incredibly valuable to any communications or service professional identifying influential voices and associated social graphs. For example, stats list to whom you (or any username) reply most often and those who reply back.

The system determines a Conversation Quotient (CQ) that attaches a metric to the volume of tweets that include @ replies. For reference, the average CQ is 25.4%. The reports also provide the size of the relevant net (those you reply to or receive replies more than once in the last 30 days) outgoing and incoming, number of fans, loyalty, Twitter Rank, ratio of outgoing/incoming contacts, the follow cost, the conversational rank (number of public conversations with users), number of replies, a Retweet Quotient, Link Quotient, among many others. Perhaps most interesting, is the visualization of the TwitGraph which displays the rank of any user across multiple axes, Twitter Rank, CQ, LQ, RQ, Follow Cost, Fans, @replies.

But it doesn’t stop there. Benedikt Koehler aka @furukama provides the ability to measure your network redundancy, density, and network efficiency.  The part I found most fascinating is the ability to visually map your incoming and outgoing network and how your contacts/nodes also connect. For those who wish for a deeper analysis, Twitter Friends can also provide a network map for Friends of Friends (the network of your followers’ followers).



Read more about Twitter Friends, the relevant net,  and the social sciences that serve as its undercurrent here and here.

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    Mase10 February 2009 10:10 am

    And the Follow cost in milliscobles!

    I love it!

    Warren Sukernek10 February 2009 10:34 am

    David Feldt wrote a great post yesterday in which he used the Twitterfriends tool to compare @Zappos to @Comcastcares. Very interesting insights about broadcast vs. engagement.