On average 140 million tweets are sent a day, which is up nearly 100 million on the amount posted on a daily basis a year agoSix years ago, one of the world’s most life-changing digital communication tools was born. It was six years to the day when a man named Jack Dorsey sent a simple message on what was a simple system which simply said “just setting up my twttr“. From there, a new form of social media was born that has helped spur a bit of a revolution on not only text messaging, but also with mobile applications. It wasn’t until a couple years later when Twitter pulled their famous¬†guerrilla¬†marketing at SXSW. From there, the world started to pay more and more attention to the company. And in successive years, even celebrities, politicians, mainstream media, and brands are recognizing the potential of the microblogging platform and are definitely standing up to pay attention to how it’s moving forward.

Today, in honor of their sixth birthday, Twitter has shared with the world some fascinating stats on how far its come since its startup days. Just over the past year or so, the company has seen some significant shake-ups, with two of the original founders leaving to start another company and the other exiled one re-emerging to take the helm of one of the most popular companies here in Silicon Valley. It has also seen some remarkable growth in investments–it now has amassed over $1.1 billion in funding from the likes of Charles River Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Chris Sacca, DST Global, Kleiner Perkins Caufeld & Byers, and many others. And with that $1.1 billion in the coffers, Twitter has certainly made good use of it. Within their last year alone, they’ve acquired companies to help fill their ranks or absorb into their collective to make the service even better. Companies like Tweetdeck, BackType, Summify, Dasient, and Posterous are all notable acquisitions, all of which total just a fraction ($45.2 million) of their total funds.

All of these efforts (and then some) have definitely helped spur innovation and create a massive community where all you do is communicate with one another using 140 characters. Granted, you’re not necessarily going to be posting things on your friend’s wall or creating a photo album or even having groups, but even without all of this an impressive number of users have signed up to the service. According to Twitter, when Mr. Dorsey first sketched out the notion of Twitter back in 2006, no one thought that the service would have the success that it has had. Now, as of today, there are over 140 million active users on the site–140! And out of that number, Twitter is processing over 340 million tweets per day–they equate that to over 1 billion tweets every 3 days! Not bad for a service that has helped break news about political events and news, sporting events, Academy Awards, disasters, weather, gadget announcements, and even cultural and historic revolutions.

Now, with plenty of funds in the bank and millions of users, what lies ahead for Twitter? They’ve made some significant strides in building out brand pages for businesses, redesigned Twitter.com to have a real-time stream that is devoted to creating a very unique experience, broadened their advertising platform for brands, and even started to figure out a way to monetize their services so that they can finally make some real money.

On Twitter’s official post marking the anniversary, they quote Mr. Dorsey as saying “I’m happy this idea has taken root; I hope it thrives.” Well Mr. Dorsey, I’m pretty sure that with over 140 million active users and the buzz that has been generated over the past five years, rest assured that people are not going to be leaving Twitter for some time.

Happy Birthday Twitter!

Photo Credit: On average 140 million tweets are sent a day, which is up nearly 100 million on the amount posted on a daily basis a year ago via The Telegraph. Taken by PA.

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