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September was the best month for since the launch late last year. We hope to continue the trend and keep pace with the scale that seems to be bolstering the entire segment. A rising tide floats all boats, but let’s see if there’s a little something we can do to close the gap a bit between the top of the list and those towards the bottom.

Truth is that I read all of the blogs on the list and I imagine many of you do as well. Of our 21,000 uniques last month, I would bet that every single one also contribute to the numbers of the blogs above. Hey, that’s a pretty good argument for us to expand our advertising and grow our editorial!!!

In all honesty, the list is missing some highly influential and well-respected blogs and media sites.

Thanks to JD Lasica for the heads up and also to Angela Penny for including us.

Top Blogs:

Mashable – Pete Cashmore has been on fire lately, running news and stories at an blurring pace.

ARS Technica – The art of technology is truly captured well at ARS Technica. The site covers a myriad of popular topics including tech, gaming, business, Apple, hardware, gadgets, and Law.

TechCrunch – TechCrunch’s success is purely incredible and nothing short of extraordinary. Michael Arrington, Duncan Riley, Mark Hendrickson, Heather Harde, and Nick Gonzales have continued to drive traffic and subscriptions. And with the addition of Erik Schonfeld, look for it to only continue. TechCrunch is the authority and so far, the benchmark for all other tech blogs.

Valleywag – Everyone’s favorite Valley gossip site, although they won’t say it aloud. Owen Thomas has done a great job at transforming VW into a hub of smart editorial. Now if they could stop running some of the other stuff, Valleywag could be the US Magazine of Tech, rather than sometimes tapping its inner Star Magazine.

CenterNetworks - Allen Stern is a smart guy and CenterNetworks has continued to scale. Covering news and providing linkable perspective will help him stay on the list and also fuel the rise of East Coast perspective in the world of the new Web economy.

Techmeme – As I wrote yesterday, Techmeme creates a river of relevance for all things tech. It spotlights the stories that might not see the light of day by grouping memes together and ranking them based on the amount of voices behind it. Gabe Rivera has done a great job of giving stage time to traditional media outlets as well as citizen journalists aka bloggers. In fact, I’d say that Techmeme is responsible for fueling a significant portion of growth for every blog on that list.

Guy Kawasaki – Guy is Guy. He is the people’s champion and has done a fantastic job of re-inventing himself and evolving along with the Silicon Valley’s rapidly changing economy and ecosystem. No matter what people think of Truemors, his new startup, he has effectively leveraged the publicity to jump into the conversation and the leader board.

VentureBeat – Matt Marshall launched VentureBeat after leaving the San Jose Mercury News and never looked back. Matt runs the blog with the foundation of strong journalism background but also integrates the dynamics of new media to deliver news and editorial in palatable way. He also taps the wisdom of great thinkers to contribute posts that keep the content fresh and interesting.

Scobleizer – Robert Scoble is the world’s most famous blogger and he continues to earn that right. After leaving Microsoft for Podtech, Robert’s “human” approach brings a warm and genuine perspective to everything he writes. But, he’s also a geek, so let’s not underestimate his authority on subjects that we only pretend to understand.

Paid Content - Many have been wondering lately if has been trying to increase traffic by breaking popular news. While I have seen a few posts which may fuel those beliefs, Rafat has done a brilliant job of covering the economics of content. The site rivals other traditional media business journals and is well on its way to continue its success.

Silicon Alley Insider – Henry Blodget seemed to come up out of nowhere this year running some of the most controversial and outlandish headlines, predictions, and content. Sensationalism still sells and when combined with Blodget’s smart editorial, Silicon Alley Insider will open the door for East Coast New Media to get into the game – again.

Read/Write Web – Richard MacManus is not publishing just another Web 2.0 blog. The content on R/WW is astounding, intelligent, visionary, and at the same time, digestible for the rest of us non-engineers. The team has done a great job of running news as well, which make it a daily must-read. Marshall Kirkpatrick, one of my favorite writers, is back in the game and will only contribute to R/WW’s growth and relevance.

GigaOM – Om Malik’s empire is growing and his insight is among the most accurate and respected in the industry. From helping web workers stay productive, covering the latest trends in mobile, voice, and broadband, to covering the latest news and trends on GigaOm TV. Also, his foray into NewTeeVee is also timely as I think we all see that the future of online video will steal attention away from traditional television.

Jason Calacanis – Jason is clever and outspoken, which works to his benefit. His controversial thoughts and commentary have earned him a ton of links and traffic. Many view Calacanis as the Jedi of linkbaiting, although I think Henry Blodget might stolen that title. Don’t underestimate Jason however, underneath his showmanship is an indisputable authority that rivals the most educated and experienced journalists and analysts out there.

Scripting News – The father of RSS, David Winer will always offer an interesting view on any topic – without holding any punches. Winer isn’t afraid to speak his mind, whether right or wrong, but at the same time, he respects those who provide an intellectual challenge.

Podtech – Home to New Media allstars, Robert Scoble, Steve Gillmor, and Tom Foremski, Podtech is an online video channel that covers business, enterprise, Web 2.0, clean tech, and digital entertainment. Watch for the company’s TechOne brand to rival some of the more prominent business sites and blogs.

Web Strategist – Now at Forrester Research covering the world of Social Computing, Jeremiah Owyang is one of the most beloved stars in the tech blogosphere. His posts are highly analytical, accurate, and most importantly educational. I read every post.

A VC – Partner at prestigious Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson provides perspective from the unique experience of someone who has successfully identified and groomed winners in tech.

Publishing 2.0 - Scott Karp provides a window into how new media and traditional media have hit head on and how all of the pieces are building the emerging landscape for the future of media.

Social Media Biz – Everyone loves JD Lasica. He’s also happens to be one of the smartest minds in the business and one of the pioneers in creating Social Media. Lasica has shared his experience and knowledge with everyone helping bloggers understand the game, as well as helping traditional journalists understand the new world of media and how they can participate. – Personally my favorite blog on the list ;) – The people’s blog, started by covering events and parties that were consuming our weeknights. The blog has evolved through an open source stage that gave a voice to intelligent writers who wished to share their insight with the world. Bub now also runs consistent editorial that tracks the evolution of the social economy, the players, and also the trends and analysis that chronicle these times for the masses through text, audio, and video. We’ve also dabbled into video programming lately, building a studio in our San Jose office. Tech Soup and True Silicon Valley Stories are the first two shows we’re running, but definitely look for more.

Contact us at techset at gmail dot com if you’d like to contribute stories on financing, startups, events, widgets, development, etc.

Update: TechCrunch and Robert Scoble run the top blogs according to Google Reader.

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Brian Solis

Brian Solis is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, publishing, and culture. His current book, Engage, is regarded as the industry reference guide for businesses to build and measure success in the social web.

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    no imageallen stern (Who am I?)14 October 2007 9:45 am

    Thanks Brian for including me – one note, it is CN that will bring NYC back :)

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    no imageAngela Penny (Who am I?)15 October 2007 3:45 pm

    Who were the obvious misses? I tried to cross reference as much as possible. As my friend Robert Seidman has pointed out — the compete numbers are very sketchy. I only felt safe using them because Om had used them on his facebook story. Apparently Quantcast number are much more accurate, the only problem being many people, including you have not quantified which requires putting a pixel on your site so they can count it. For those who do quantify, the numbers are much larger. ;-)

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