By Nicole Jordan, LA Correspondent

What’s headed to San Francisco from LA for Web 2.0? It’s the SCHWAGGIN WAGON! (I think this just might be the most fantastic name for a wagon, ever.)

What the hell is a Schwaggin Wagon you ask? It’s an idea borne from motivated do-gooders from the LA community. The purpose is a brilliant yet simple one. Set-up shop outside Moscone and at various 2.0 parties throughout the week and collect unwanted schwag from conference-goers and the companies themselves.

The goal is to have the goodies fall into the hands of people who will get more use out of it than that dresser drawer or closet you shove it all in after you get home. “I felt that sometimes a lot of this stuff gets unused, and it might as well be used. It’s one thing for people to actually wear the stuff, but if they squirrel it away…. it defeats the purpose,” said Michael Liskin, creator of the Schwaggin Wagon idea.

Anyone who drops something off is free to exchange it with another item that catches their eye. Companies who have extra schwag laying around those marketing closets should also be encouraged to sync up and drop off. All goods will be donated to various shelters, folks in need and the kiddies at…because really, what do YOU need another light-up yo-yo or squeezie ball for?

The Wagon will be decked out with decals from the sponsors who quickly rallied to make this happen: Dogster, e-storm, Heavybag Media, Hydra Networks, JamBase, Twiistup, and Mashable.

So if you see the Schwaggin Wagon or any one of it’s reps, say hello. They’re great LA peeps that are making things happen down here. Some names to look out for: David Preciado, Marjorie Kase, Michael Liskin, Michael Lambie, Kyra Reed and Andy Sternberg to name a few.

Being the social media geeks they are (and I love ‘em for it) you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

And, being the wonderful people they are, the Schwaggin Wagon crew will be “shuttling your drunk arses” around to various W2.0 parties around town from 10pm to 3am on Wednesday. Just shoot them an email at: Wagon (at) You know they’ll all have their blackberries and iPhones on them to get those requests.

So, say “Hello!” and donate and give them thanks when they pick you up and drop you off at your hotel after one too many dirty martini’s and who knows what other dirty things you’ll get into. Schwaggin’ Wagon to the rescue! Saving show schwag from the trash and you from wandering SF streets looking for a cab.

Schwagineers in action!

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Nicole Jordan

I'm a geek that left Silicon Valley to take a 1 1/2 year break in NY before coming back out west. I now live in lovely Santa Monica and am enjoying emersing myself in the local business geek culture. To me, there is only one "valley" and it ain't here.


    no imageJeremy Toeman (Who am I?)22 April 2008 5:53 pm

    Not to sound like a partypooper, but how about we just do a little more to encourage companies to donate time, money, and resources to those in need? The concept of encouraging companies to spend frivolously seems counter to those in need AND a little wasteful (it is Earth Day ya know).

    I support the cause conceptually, but feel this is a bandaid being applied to a gaping wound…

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