Chirp After-Party

Last Thursday, San Francisco bid adieu to the first ever Chirp conference – ¬†an event devoted to developers building apps for Twitter. And while there was earlier drama surrounding the event and even some remarkable news during the keynotes on day one of the event, in the end, Twitter threw one heck of a party that seemed to say “thank you all for showing up, this is how we party with friends”.

Held at the 1015 nightclub in San Francisco, Twitter’s after-party was pretty much a technology all-star event and the company seemed to make sure you knew that you were in a posh nightclub and were well taken care of. From an open bar throughout the night to practically four rooms of music and beats from great DJs, this was certainly the place to be that night. But Twitter had a few “surprises” in store for folks at the 1015 club. In the main room, two DJ booths were set up for some very important guests. The first one was BT, a renowned DJ originally from the Bay Area and now travels around the world. He definitely got the crowd riled up and ready to move. Then around 11pm, the main event took the stage. He had made a surprise appearance at the Chirp conference talking about his experience at Twitter and now he was back at the after-party not to mingle, but perform: Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas hit the stage for what amounted to nothing short of an awesome non-stop performance. For the next four hours, Will.I.Am played the DJ and continued to get the crowd going.

From what I saw, there was also a bevvy of who’s who at the Chirp party, including Mashable’s Ben Parr, oneforty’s Laura Fitton, Loic Le Meur, Chris Messina, Dave McClure, Scott Beale, Larry Chiang and countless others.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Chirp After-Party
This was the main room before they opened up the dance floor. People were pretty much packed in.

Chirp After-Party - Rebecca Reeve, Danielle Morrill & Chris Saad
Rebecca Reeve, Danielle Morrill & Chris Saad

Chirp After-Party - Loic Le Meur
Loic Le Meur

Chirp After-Party - @BT DJ'ing
BT takes the stage to peform his set

Chirp After-Party - @BT DJ'ing
BT performing & crowd dancing

Chirp After-Party - Will.I.Am DJ'ing
Here’s Will.I.Am!

Chirp After-Party - Will.I.Am DJ'ing

Chirp After-Party - Will.I.Am DJ'ing
The crowd gathers in the main room for Will.I.Am

Chirp After-Party - Will.I.Am DJ'ing

Chirp After-Party - Will.I.Am DJ'ing
Is Will.I.Am tweeting?

Chirp After-Party - Will.I.Am DJ'ing

Chirp After-Party -Ben Parr, Danielle Morrill & Gregarious Narain
Ben Parr, Danielle Morrill & Gregarious Narain

Photos above were taken by Kenneth Yeung.

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    Danielle Morrill20 April 2010 4:18 pm

    Fun night, thanks for the pics Ken I need to upload the video of Wil.I.Am to YouTube! Cheers, -d