by Brian Solis

Technorati is busy getting back to its core audience, bloggers. Despite already receiveing over $20 million in three rounds of financing, according to TechCrunch, Technorati is a new company.

I had a chance to catch up with new CEO Richard Jalichandra in Las Vegas during Blogworld Expo. After listening to me rant for a while, he told me to stay tuned…good things were coming.
What a difference a month makes.

Jalichandra is leading the charge to bring Technorati back to bloggers and more fittingly, the blogosphere.

The new home page features a news aggregator, similar to Techmeme and the New York Times’ Blogrunner that exemplifies its strength as a blog search engine. Hot blog and mainstream stories are featured, although divided, but supported by the clusters of writers covering similar topics.

But it’s more than just front page news. Technorati now features a Blogger Central, which shows blog posts about, well, blogging. There is also a listing of top blogs by links and popularity.

The other new service is Today in Photos, which is basically the Techmeme of images.

I suppose soon we’ll see Today in Video next, unless it’s already there and I’m missing something.

So far I’m impressed. The service has been experiencing a steady decline in visitors between April and August and is now starting to see new growth.

We look forward to the additional changes that Technorati will undoubtedly introduce over the near feature. Either way, it’s coming back to basics. People want to see what’s taking place in the blogosphere specifically. Otherwise, we’d visit Google News.Connect on Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce or Facebook.

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