by Brian Solis

Gabe Rivera announced that TechMeme will complement its advanced news aggregation algorithms with a human touch. Last month, Megan McCarthy, formerly of ValleyWag and Wired, joined the team to fill the “news maestro” role.

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The benefit?

The news will just get faster and more interesting. Obsolete stories will be eliminated sooner while breaking stories will be expedited. Related grouping will improve. Plus, I’m a big fan of Megan’s work, so I’m looking forward to the new and improved TechMeme.

According to Rivera’s post, “I should note that the experience of introducing direct editing has been a revelation even for us, despite the fact that we planned it. Interacting directly with an automated news engine makes it clear that the human+algorithm combo can curate news far more effectively that the individual human or algorithmic parts. It really feels like the age of the news cyborg has arrived. Our goal is apply this new capability to producing the clearest and most useful tech news overview available”

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    no imageAndrew Mager (Who am I?)3 December 2008 1:10 pm

    So the machine will always need some human love and affection, huh?

    This will only enhance TechMeme.. Megan is amaazing.

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    adam jackson3 December 2008 3:24 pm

    Congrats to Megan! I haven’t seen her in a while and she’ll add a lot to the service.

    no imageLucretia Pruitt (Who am I?)3 December 2008 4:13 pm

    I’d say congratulations to Megan, but I think the congrats goes to Techmeme for having the wisdom & foresight to get her onboard! :)

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