words and pictures by Brian Solis

1,100 people.

1 place

1 more milestone in the evolution of the Social Economy.

The third annual TechCrunch August Capital party is to the Palo Alto Web 2 community what the running of the bulls is to Pamplona. People flew in from all over the world to be there and it was nothing short of incredible, valuable, and overwhelming. So many fascinating, trend setting, and visionary people mingled freely and genuinely as if for one small moment in time, everyone was equal.

Thank you TechCrunch and August Capital for hosting a memorable and important event.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Cathy Brooks and Stephanie Agresta

Eric Eldon and Chamillionaire

Sarah Lacy, Tariq Krim, and Brooke Hammerling

iLick the iPhone

Daniel Brusilovsky

Valerie Cunningham, Matt Marshall of VentureBeat and Adeo Ressi of TheFunded.com

Michael Arrington

Shira Lazar

Chamillionaire, Randi Zuckerberg, Jeff Lange, Michael Teng

Wired Cover Girl Julia Allison and @Miguel23

Miiko Mentz of FWStudios shoots a video for TechCrunch’s Elevator Pitch

Deb Schultz and Christopher Carfi

Michael Arrington

Laurie Anne Lassek, Gregarious Greg Narain, Christine Herron

Alison McNeill of bub.blicio.us

Dave Morin of Facebook and Peter Pham

Jason Nazar of Docstoc and Shira Lazar of NBC

AJ Vaynerchuk

David Sifry and Sarah Lacy

Cyan Banister of Zivity

Greg Narain and Deb Schultz

Tantek Celik

Alex Ho, MC Hammer, Brian Solis, Chamillionaire, Jeff Lange

Miiko Mentz

MC Hammer of DanceJam

The after party at the Four Seasons – Justin Kan and Nick Gonzales of Social Media

The after party at the Four Seasons – Alex Ho, Shira Lazar, Tariq Krim

The after party at the Four Seasons

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Brian Solis is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. Solis is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. A digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist, Solis has studied and influenced the effects of emerging media on business, marketing, publishing, and culture. His current book, Engage, is regarded as the industry reference guide for businesses to build and measure success in the social web.

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    no imageMike Walsh (Who am I?)26 July 2008 1:06 pm

    great photos Brian – I have to go next year!

    thanks for sharing.


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    Vic Podcaster26 July 2008 5:06 pm

    Awesome pictures Brian. Color contrast and clearity is superb.

    I need to learn a few photography tricks from you.


    no imageAndrew Mager (Who am I?)27 July 2008 8:34 am

    Brian, great photos. Awesome wrap up.

    Here is mine: http://www.andrewmager.com/2008/07/26/techcrunch-august-capital-2008/

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