Soup of the Day: Tech!

In today’s episode of Tech Soup we cover the week’s biggest news like the free “jackets” for the Nintendo Wii controllers! We felt it was our duty to help promote the fight against sweaty palms everywhere. We also:

– Congratulated on their recent funding and opening up their platform
– Alerted everyone on Radiohead’s newest album and how you can get it for $1
– Discussed UC Berkeley’s Youtube classes
– Gave an overview of the new Zune features
– And covered the TechCrunch acquisition for $100 million…well, not really.

And finally, we’d like for you to check out a great cause we’re getting involved in called LitLiberation. And as always, although we’re not in affiliation with, they are certainly worth checking out!

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Alison Massie


    no imageBrigid McGrath Massie (Who am I?)5 October 2007 8:11 am

    Fun, fast and fabulous. Easy to watch and informative!

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