Red rover, red rover...Several big moves were announced this morning by some of the leading technology publications around Silicon Valley: TechCrunch, GigaOm, and The Next Web. Such moves aren’t necessarily shocking, but it’s always interesting to see where these journalists will go–I, quite frankly, associate them most of the time with their publication and it takes a really long time to come to grips that they are now with a new publication. Nevertheless, change happens and this seems to be a good type of change.

In our first move of the day, TechCrunch’s European reporter, Robin Wauters, will be leaving the publication after more than three years on the job with 3,700 posts under his belt. He’ll be moving over to manage the European affairs with The Next Web as their European Editor–coincidentally, this is where he started out in tech publishing as a contributor. It’ll be great to read his posts about the tech scene there across the Atlantic to understand what cool startups to pay attention to. The Next Web’s CEO, Zee Kane, welcomed Mr. Wauters on board by saying:

Robin brings years of experience, a vast network of relationships worldwide and great ties with EU and US investors, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces. He’s also a mentor at Founder Institute and Seedcamp with years of hands-on experience advising and working for startups, both venture-backed and bootstrapped.

You should read both Mr. Wauters and The Next Web’s post — it definitely seems like someone welcoming an old friend back home. Seems to be a new day for TNW!

Back on TechCrunch…while they lost one European writer, they gain another. Ingrid Lunden has just been brought on board as their new writer where she’ll be covering mobile, digital media, and breaking tech news (isn’t that what everyone covers?). Along with the European editor, Mike Butcher, Ms. Lunden will be writing posts about the continent’s tech startups and companies. And not one to disappoint, TechCrunch has pulled the “one more thing” out of their bag of tricks and managed to pry away Colleen Taylor from GigaOm. Ms. Taylor, an aptly described “rising star” in the tech journalist world will be the new dedicated TechCrunch TV reporter. In his post, TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld mentions that they’ve been looking for a long time for someone to take over the anchor role (I remember when they used to have someone there, but seems to have fallen through). With Ms. Taylor at the helm of TC TV, I’m sure that we’re going to get some great and hard-hitting interviews with the movers and shakers, entrepreneurs, and the news makers.

Lastly, one other move (albeit not recent) was related to TechCrunch. I wrote about this briefly in a post from the first-ever PandoMonthly event, but Greg Kumparak, a TC writer who covered mobile and gadgets, has left the tech pub to move to PandoDaily and work with editor and founder, Sarah Lacy. Mr. Kumparak will be in charge of the news around the incubators and accelerators and cover startups demo’ing their wares at Demo Days.

We wish everyone much success and congratulations on their move!

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    Colleen Taylor14 February 2012 12:50 pm

    Thanks for the kind words, Ken! See you around very soon, I’m sure.

    Robin Wauters14 February 2012 2:05 pm

    Thanks Ken! It must be very hard work to keep track of all this :)

    Ken Yeung14 February 2012 2:40 pm

    @Colleen – you’re welcome. And I’m definitely sure we’ll see each other around. Good luck on TechCrunch TV!

    @Robin – thanks for the comment and you’re right..definitely hard to keep track of where people are at…but these are all very great moves. Looking forward to reading your next posts!