There’s more to Swedish online music scene than Spotify. While waiting for its big U.S. launch and trying to avoid being jeaulous of the French now signing up for free, there’s other cool stuff from Sweden to discover new music with. On the go. For free.

One of my absolute favourite services to discover new music and keep it fresh is It was developed in only 15 hours by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud at Music Hack Day London. lets one discover music produced in cities worldwide, metropolitan or small town, as well as it automatically locates ones current city. It’s based on SoundCloud API, using all the public geotagged music available. Swedish SoundCloud is an online collaboration tool for music professionals to share music and audio files. (Check out Robert Scoble’s interview with SoundCloud co-founder Alexander Ljung to get wowed). Each city is listed by different music genres and one can become a fan of a city by sharing it on both Facebook and Twitter, thus adding social music discovery element to it. To favourite a city helps it also to climb on the popular chart.

New music providers are to be announced, and an update is coming out this week on the web version with enhanced navigation and better tracking of Facebook sharings, also replacing the old board with new one showing the latest updated cities instead. Since December is also available on the iPhone at price of $3. It’s already had over 2 000 downloads. A major update on the iPhone app is also in the making, expect it within next two months. attracts today 60 000 monthly visits counting for approx. 150 000 plays.

Music Hack Day Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden, was also the place to accomodate the latest edition of Music Hack Day after BostonAmsterdam, Berlin, and London. Together with Mattias Arrelid of Spotify, Henrik Berggren of threw a great hacking weekend with Spotify, SoundCloud, and Echo Nest among attending companies. 30 cool new music projects were born and I was as impressed as David Noël of SoundCloud and Matthew Ogle of Rumors are circulating having the next hack day either in New York, Barcelona or London.

Few Nice Examples:

My City vs. Your City by Michael Schieben is a pretty neat music discovery app that uses data to compare what people listen to in different cities. As one can see, Stockholm and San Francisco may be close when it comes to tech but appararently Lady GaGa is the only thing we seem to agree on when it comes to music.

Songkick On Tour connects ones Songkick and Dopplr accounts to find shows happening in ones city of destination. Never miss a great gig when travelling. Songkick On Tour was created by Matt Biddulph, CTO of Dopplr.

Holodeck by Winston Design is kind of what Mobile Roadie is to iPhone apps, except for websites: With Holodeck an artist can create its own website in no time by pulling data from, Songkick, Tumblr and SoundCloud accounts. Very neat. Check out.

All this new music discovery is made possible due to availability of open APIs. Hence, the power of open APIs is substansial when it comes to online innovation, both within product development and business models.

And there doesn’t seem to be any stop to the ever increasing flow and demand of music online. SoundCloud is experiencing 30% monthly growth, having 10 000 hours of audio uploaded every day! does 2 million scrobbles per hour, i.e. automatically adds the tracks you play to your account, and gets more than 45% of its traffic via 3rd party APIs!

To quote Matthew Ogle, “It’s pretty clear that 2010 is going to be an exciting year in music and tech.”

Online music scene community truly represents what’s great about the open and social web: The more you open up, the more you share – the more you receive and discover.

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    David9 February 2010 11:55 pm

    Thanks for the shout, Paula! I really enjoyed the weekend, best Music Hack Day so far!

    Paula Marttila10 February 2010 12:58 am

    Thanks David, I’ll definitely catch up with you on the next Music Hack Day :)