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Once again it was STIRR’s time to shine as the Bay Area’s premier event for CEOs, founders, VC’s, engineers, entrepreneurs, media, and bloggers.

Alison McNeill, Chandra Hardester, and Nandor Fejer were on hand to capture the evening for the next installment of tv.

Attendees were treated to a Q&A with Scott McNealy from Sun – which surely strengthened STIRR’s position as the area’s most prominent source for top-tier networking.

And those companies brave enough to endure STIRR’s trademark 60-Second Spot, where now further pressured with the audience of an applause meter! Rafe Needleman of Cnet and Webware continues his reign as the host/moderator and the room’s most respected reporter.
Presenting companies included:

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• Notable attendees (and the source of some of the night’s best conversations) were among:
• Chris Heuer (blog), Co-Founder, Social Media Club
• Vic Podcaster (blog), Founder & Editor-in-Chief, HotFromSiliconValley
• Tim O’Brien, VP, Business Development, attendio
• Tara Anderson, Marketing/PR, Valleyschwag
• David Young, CEO, Joyent, Inc.
• Ranvir Gujral (blog), CEO, InsightPath
• Julia French, Managing Director, CIM
• Jason Hoffman (blog), CTO and co-founder, Joyent
• Karim Tahawi, CEO & Founder, My Currency Co
• Stowe Boyd (blog), Founder, Blue Whale Labs
• Gabe Rivera, Flounderer, Techmeme
• Ian Kennedy (blog), Corporate Development, Yahoo
• Mital Poddar (blog), VP Marketing, SwapThing
• Niall Kennedy (blog), Fearless Leader, Hat Trick Media
• Peter Pham, Sr. Director, Business Development, Photobucket
• Eric Hansen, CTO, attendio
• Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy,
• Benjamin Wan, Angel Investor
• Larry Chiang, Founder, Duck9
• Renee Blodgett (blog), President, Blodgett Communications
• Beatrice Tarka (blog), CEO, co-founder, Mobissimo
• Kristie Wells (blog), VP, Marketing, Joyent
• Rohit Khare, Director, CommerceNet
• Justin Kan, CEO,
• Aymeril Hoang, Information Technologies Attaché, Embassy of France – Trade Dept.
• Ann Burgraff, VP Marketing, Attendio
• Jeffrey McManus (blog), Founder,
• Sunny Madra, Founder, Posticky

For more coverage from the event, visit Jeremiah Owyang’s place.


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