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Celeb Spleak

No, that was not a typo. Spleak is a site that gets everyone to chime in on the gossip of celebrities and rate that gossip. This is a great site for soccer moms (and dads) that love to comment on the latest celebrity gossip while at the supermarket waiting to pay for their groceries on their smart phones.

Chatting with Spleak

The real nifty thing about Spleak is how they go about ‘talking up’ the gossip. They use different chatting platforms like Adium, AIM, MSN, and all the other social networks; there’s even a widget to see who else is writing about a particular celebrity. They also tap into the blogosphere by latching on to the fan sites. You can even receive text alerts about your favorite celebrity (I’m partial to Salma Hayek). You can check out some screenshots of Spleak on Facebook and Myspace below. They are also coming out a sports version of Spleak.

Spleak on Facebook

Myspace a la Spleak

They employ a clever online marketing mix of multiple channels. My hat’s off to them on the fact that they are connecting the most popular blogs, social bookmarks, and dominant networks to get their service to as many people as possible. This will definitely enable the gossip queen in all of us to dish the dirt about our favorite (or most hated) celebrity.

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    But, how do they plan to make money?

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