by Michelle Lentz

I occasionally worry that backing up my world – particularly the world of my business – onto a 2-1TB drives is not smart. Sure it removes the files from the local machines, but if there is a fire or some other catastrophe, I doubt I’ll remember to grab my external hard drives as I run for safety. So I sometimes ponder whether or not to invest in some sort of off-site storage. I use, on a limited basis, GSpace. GSpace is a Firefox plug-in that turns your Gmail accounts into off-site storage. This works for current client files, but certainly not for everything I routinely back up.

SmugVaultEnter SmugMug. Yesterday they announced that they are offering SmugVault. Using Amazon’s network of datacenters, you can now store more than just your photos at SmugMug. You can store all of your files. They suggest you do this because of what? Natural disaster. They’re preying on my own worries, so they must also be the worries of others.

To the best of my knowledge, SmugVault requires a SmugMug account. With your SmugMug account (one of three different pricing tiers), storage of image files is included. You can store other files, such as DOCs, PDFs, and more. Amazon will bill you for storing those file types.

- Storage costs 22 cents per gigabyte per month.  2GB = 44 cents/month
- There is a $1/month recurring charge.
- Data transfer in is 30 cents per gigabyte. Data transfer out is 51 cents per gigabyte.

    For many folks, this gives the opportunity to back up RAW image files or the full video, pre-edited, without the web resolution. This is just pure data.

    So, is the price right? Would you use a service like this? Let us know!

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