by Michelle Lentz

It’s been a hard week. Personally, I’ve had a lot going on this week and I’m rather exhausted. As a nation, we’re all getting a bit of political fatigue and we coped with the anniversary of 9/11.

I’m ready for some comedy.

Well, on Wednesday, we had some comedy delivered.

Depending on your point of view, Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy and American Dad) is either brilliant or a blight on society. Or both. I have gradually come to realize his brilliance – and from his random animation scenes in Family Guy, I’ve also come to realize we shared a similar upbringing in the 70s and 80s. Now MacFarlane has been unleashed on the web.

The new web site,, launched on Wednesday with two new comedy shorts. I tend to think of this site as the place where all the ideas that just couldn’t, in any possible yet random way, get squeezed into Family Guy ended up.

There’s a catch to all this of course. The comedy shorts are sponsored by advertisers, with the first two sponsored by Burger King. Since the sponsorship is shown at the beginning, and illustrated in MacFarlane’s own style, the ads aren’t overly annoying. Each short is shown in a YouTube embed, and can therefore be embedded anywhere. The Cavalcade of Comedy is actually a deal Seth MacFarlane cut with Google. There will be 50 shorts created, with a new short each week. When a user clicks on the video, the advertiser (Burger King) pays a fee that is shared by MacFarlane, Google, the production company, and the site hosting the video. Google is attempting to make YouTube profitable and bring in more professional content.

The Cavalcade of Comedy site also includes Seth Blog, which hasn’t actually started yet, and a Meet the Cast section that profiles some of the animated characters. I expect this section will grow.

The videos are available at and on the Burger King BK Channel on YouTube.

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