There’s a new app, iPhone only, called Secret. I love it. I’m addicted to it. We’ve all seen sites such as the Post Secret project and Texts from Last Night, where anonymity is vital. This is the app version of sharing secrets, anonymous and interactive.


Basically, you can post what you really think and you’re mostly anonymous. There’s every sort of update in the world appearing on Secret – from potential startup acquisitions to depressed folks in need of a place to not be judged  to comments about someone’s cat. It’s an app filled with words, with fears, feats of daring, love, humor and everything else. You can post anything – no filter – and add a background or upload a photo to go with it.

Your name is not included. You can say what you think. After all, a social media study recently showed that 48% of people will hold back their opinions and feelings on Facebook for fear of judgement or having the unpopular viewpoint. On Secret, you are unfiltered.

I won’t say you’re not judged, because you can’t control what people say in the comments. But I haven’t had an unpleasant experience yet.

Now, the anonymous thing is really mostly anonymous. The app hides the identity of the posters. BUT, it looks at your address book and tells you whether a friend, or friend of a friend, posted something (then listed as in your circle). It also lets you know if the posting was just popular and therefore everyone is seeing it. If it’s a popular secret, outside of your circle, then you also see the location of the poster (ie, San Francisco).  Again, mostly anonymous.

Still, I love the app. In Secret, I can share the things I would never share on Facebook or Twitter. Emotional things, snarky things, random things … but things I don’t necessarily want associated with the image I try to project, but things that are still wholly me.

Join the app. It needs more people, more interaction. It’s brand new this month.

My only complaint is that, in order to run it, I need to use my iPhone in airplane mode on wifi. Hey developers – create an Android version will you? The whole world does not have an active iPhone.


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