by Stephanie Booth

Welcome back to Europe with the second episode of our series on the Danish conference Reboot, which took place earlier this month. (Check out Episode 1, if you missed it.) Let’s continue our guided tour of European faces caught feeling at Reboot 9.0, Copenhagen.

Reboot9 First Day 53: Alexander Kjerulf

Let’s happily start with Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer — he specialises in happiness at work.

Reboot9 First Day 55: Matt Webb

Matt Webb, the “Webb” in Schulze and Webb (he probably doesn’t need to be introduced to readers, does he?)

Reboot9 First Day 56: Maya Lotan

Maya Lotan (Urbanseeder)

Reboot9 First Day 51: André Ribeirinho

André Ribeirinho, caught on the phone this time — perhaps already talking to investors for Adegga?

Reboot9 First Day 47: Antony Mayfield and Ewan McIntosh

Antony Mayfield (Spannerworks) and Ewan McIntosh (Edublogger extraordinaire)

Reboot9 First Day 46: Delphine Ménard

Delphine Ménard (Wikimedia Foundation)

Reboot9 First Day 45: Paolo Valdemarin and Marco Formento

Paolo Valdemarin and Marco Formento (Youplus) — straight from Italy

Reboot9 First Day 44: Aram Bartholl

Aram Bartholl, a Media Artist from Berlin who has worked on many projects involving the representation of online symbols in the offline world — they are worth checking out, and quite in their own right.

Reboot9 First Day 43: Felix Petersen

Felix Petersen of Plazes (a Swiss company!)

Reboot9 First Day 41: Stowe Boyd

Stowe Boyd again, a little closer up

Reboot9 First Day 40: Leisa Reichelt

Leisa Reichelt of “ambient intimacy” fame

Reboot9 First Day 39: Andreas Haugstrup and Jesper Bindslev

Andreas Haugstrup and Jesper Bindslev (Hoist)

Reboot9 First Day 36: Lilia Efimova

Our lovely Russian researcher Lilia Efimova — now a proud mom, but more of that in Part III of this Reboot series

Reboot9 First Day 38: Jon Husband

John Husband (Wirearchy)

Reboot9 Second Day 7

Maryrose Lyons (Brightspark Consulting)

Reboot9 Second Day 9

Jeremy Keith (Clearleft) and Håkon Wium Lie (Opera, Father of CSS)

At Reboot, we like to take care of all the interesting stuff that happens between (or besides) the sessions. So although the two days of conference are packed with great talks, the garden outside the venue is packed with rebooters lounging in deck-chairs, blogging away or happily chatting and networking. Here, get a feel of the atmosphere:

Reboot9 First Day 58

Reboot9 First Day 2

Reboot9 First Day 9

Reboot9 First Day 8

Do you recognize anybody? Ah, look here.

Reboot9 First Day 15

Delphine Ménard (Wikimedia Foundation) chatting about cameras with some fellow rebooters

Reboot9 First Day 16

Charlie Schick (Nokia)

Reboot9 First Day 72

The great Euan Semple and Bernie Goldbach

Reboot9 First Day 73

Tom Purves (Firestoker), straight from Canada with enough beer to keep us going

Marko Ahtisaari

Marko Ahtisaari (Blyk, Dopplr) came to talk about attention

Post-Reboot Party 23

Jyri Engström (Jaiku) spotted at the Post-Reboot Party

As it was starting to be late, I had to sneak up on one of my victims in a bar somewhere between the conference venue and the hotels:

David Blurry in Bar

David Smith, director of ICT at St Paul’s

Time for a break! See you for two special guests and a bit more atmosphere in Part III (and last) of our Reboot 9.0 series.

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    Some great shots Stephanie, you really capture the atmosphere! And oh. . . the sunshine!

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