by Jacob Morgan

Tired of reading about all the company layoffs and depressing news? If so, then you’re probably going to love JobWire, which is a new project launched by RWW. Jobwire is a site that is going to be dedicated to:

“Covering news about NEW jobs that people have been hired for in tech, new media and related industries. At a time of global economic downturn we all know there’s plenty of bad news right now. Other tech news sites are doing a great job covering those stories – on the Jobwire we’re going to cover good news, people getting new jobs.”

In other words somebody is finally stepping up to look at the positive side of things. I think what RWW is going to be a morale booster for individuals and companies in the tech space. In a time when you can’t visit a site without hearing about some sort of mass layoff, we need to hear some positive news, and now we can. RWW is going to do what they can to promote jobs and individuals seeking those jobs. The new site is going to be a great resource for companies and individuals alike.

The site is going to feature around 10-30 new posts a day…yes, that’s a lot! But, it’s a good thing. RWW is also going to feature one of the new hires as a “hire of the day” and they will be providing a blurb explaining why that hire is so important.

The guest editors for the Jobwire include some well known folks in the tech/media space; Financial Times reporter Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher and media analyst Sam Whitmore of Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey.

Here is the Jobwire crew:

Marshall Kirkpatrick, Doug Coleman, Nate DiNiro and Dionne Fox.

Congrats to RWW!!

thanks for reading

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    no imageMarshall Kirkpatrick (Who am I?)28 October 2008 11:09 am

    Thanks for the positive write up Jacob! I hope you like the site!

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    no imagejacobmorgan (Who am I?)28 October 2008 11:17 am

    hi Marshall,

    I certainly do, I think it’s great that you guys are taking a step toward the positive, we really need something like that and i hope your site gives a morale and confidence boost to those who need it.

    please let me know if i can help you.

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