by Michelle Lentz

A post on Web Worker Daily solved a problem I’ve run into frequently, so I thought I’d share it here as well.

I often have folks guest-post to my wine blog. Instead of creating a guest ID for everyone, or expose non-technical folks to a blog, I often have them send me the post via email. However, a lot of folks send me the content in a Word document. If you’ve ever tried to paste from Word into HTML, you know that it involves deleting a lot of strange excess code.

PureText, a Windows-only plug-in, appears in your task bar. When you want to “clean” displayed text, you just click the PT icon. PureText removes the rich formatting from the text, which includes font face, style and color, paragraph styles, margins, character spacing, bullets, subscript, superscript, tables, charts, pictures, and embedded objects.

Oh, and PureText is free.

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