by Brian Solis

Jeremy Toeman, a person whom I have deep respect for, is lashing out at Chairman Conyer’s proposed PRO IP bill and encouraging everyone to standup against it.

In an effort to strengthen laws protecting creative and intellectual property, leaders of the House Judiciary Committee recently introduced bipartisan legislation to improve federal agency enforcement efforts and provide more resources to those efforts.

Specifically, the PRO IP bill does the following:

Titles I and II strengthen the substantive civil and criminal laws relating to copyright and trademark infringement.Title III of the legislation establishes the Office of the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Representative (USIPER), in the Executive Office of the President, to enhance nationwide and international coordination of intellectual property enforcement efforts.

Title IV provides for the appointment of intellectual property officers to work with foreign countries in their efforts to combat counterfeiting and piracy.

Title V of the legislation authorizes the creation of a permanent Intellectual Property Division within the Department of Justice. The purpose of the new IP Division is to improve law enforcement coordination. This is accomplished, in part, by transferring the functions of the existing Computer Crime and Intellectual Property section (CCIPs) that relate to intellectual property enforcement to the new IP Division. In addition, Title V provides DOJ with new resources targeted to improve IP law enforcement, including local law enforcement grants and additional investigative and prosecutorial personnel. It also requires that DOJ prepare an annual report that details its IP enforcement activities.

According to Toeman, “While I only recently became an American citizen, it seems quite clear to me that this is yet another sad sign of how our government continues to lose its way. Instead of taking the clear, high road and working to protect the needs of its citizens, the government is instead taking the low road and protecting the needs of big business. I call this the low road as it is the only one paved with the campaign contribution dollars represented by big media.”

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