pizzahut-app-smPizza Hut’s iPhone app has brought the company $1 million in revenue since launch, reports Mashable. The number is significant for revenue brought in via a free iPhone app alone, especially considering the decline Pizza Hut has seen in the past few years.

While the iPhone app was featured in Apple iPhone ads, Pizza Hut’s expectations were exceeded. Compared to the company’s other mobile efforts, a direct and well-integrated application on iPhone’s platform has been a major turning point for Pizza Hut marketing.

Its success also brings hints of how well other iPhone applications can do.

As I’ve mentioned before, some of the most successful applications across Apple’s platform are those that provide value through convenience. In this regard, Pizza Hut’s ability to offer easy meal-ordering at a discount, complete with directions to the nearest location, has provided a service to consumers. It’s apps like these that turn the iPhone into a mini, mobile concierge.

As the success of iPhone apps continue to rise, we’ll see more all-inclusive apps that provide multiple services. These will act as sub-platforms atop Apple’s, interconnecting the features and functionality of other successful applications. For food apps we’ve already seen a little of this, with those that let you order from multiple restaurants. But including even these apps with others that also place reservations, tweet location and recommendation and make a mobile payment will become the power apps in their own right.

These types of apps will be able to do a lot more with the data they collect, providing some useful recommendation fodder. This can of course be used for search engines or advertising, turning that data back over to support the system.

I’m personally excited about applications that make my life easier. These mobile phones are getting pretty handy. Why shouldn’t they be used as our own digital concierges? Democratizing convenience could provoke positive change, if the data is not abused.

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