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There are dozens of lifestreaming apps out there now, but this is the first one I’ve come across that acknowledges that I’m an adult with cell phone bills, credit cards, and bank accounts. PageOnce aggregates your entire online life, from financials and utilities to Facebook and Twitter. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a walkthrough by CEO and co-founder Guy Goldstein, I was sold.

PageOnce is exceedingly easy to set up. This particular app is forward thinking enough to not just aim for early adopters, but aim for my mom, if that makes sense. Big friendly buttons everywhere let you know how to add accounts. When you first log in, you view all of your life on one page (thus, page once). The nifty part of this is the Alerts feed, which lets you know if things have changed. Sure, it lets you know if you have email or if you have notifications on Facebook. But it also lets you know if one of your flights has changed, if you’ve overdrawn your checking account, or in my case, that I’ve used too many SMS messages on my cell phone account. PageOnce monitors your accounts, and that’s what makes this particular lifestreaming app different from others. PageOnce also monitors your accounts for fraud, alerting you immediately if it notices something suspicious.

PageOnce also has six different content areas: Finance, Utilities, Shopping, Travel, Social, and Email. Finance holds your banking and credit accounts. Email includes only web mail at the moment, and you can’t respond (delete, answer, etc) from directly in the app. PageOnce can, however, handle multiple Gmail accounts. Utilities includes your cable, phone, cell phone, and electric. At least with AT&T, used in their examples and in my own life, PageOnce displays a simple but useful graphic letting me know how many minutes I have left.

Shopping includes eBay and Amazon and probably more. Social includes all of your social networking and can handle multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook, MySpace, and whatever else you need. Travel includes all of your frequent traveler accounts, whether hotel, car, or airline so that you can keep track of your mileage. You can also enter your itineraries into PageOnce, which then tracks changes such as delayed or canceled flights. All the information for all of your accounts, no matter the type, updates in real time.

I asked Guy several questions about security. After all, PageOnce is a small startup and while I freely give a certain amount of information out over the web, I’m a little more protective about financials. HeEm assured me that there is triple-layer, military grade security, which includes VeriSign, TRUSTe and McAfee Hackersafe and insured by an A+ rated top 10 insurance company.

PageOnce has great potential to be used by everyone, not just those of us who belong to every new thing out there. Guy said they intend to add more interactivity, especially with email, so that you can accomplish tasks without ever leaving the PageOnce app. Also coming down the pike is an iPhone application, probably in Q3, that looks amazingly useful. PageOnce came out of private beta today. Try it for yourself.

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    no imagegregory (Who am I?)3 June 2008 9:12 am

    another facebook app coming soon, put your psychiatrist’s evaluations online, oh yes, that will be big…

    i only jest, but my gosh, don’t you feel the creeping hand of big brother in any of this?

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    no imageRubin (Who am I?)3 June 2008 11:22 am

    Well for those of us who have a lot of accounts online it certainly saves me time and it was really easy to set up

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