AdaptiveBlue, developers of BlueOrganizer which launched last September at DemoFall, today announced Series A financing lead by Union Square Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund located in New York City.  Terms were undisclosed.  Union Square Ventures was among the investing teams behind and Feedburner.

AdaptiveBlue also announced the availability of BlueOrganizer version 3.2.
With 375,000 downloads to date, BlueOrganizer is a free, semantic, smart Web browsing plug-in for FireFox.  It allows instant access to relevant, vertical web sites, information, and web services, directly from the page with one right-click.  It unleashes the information hidden in web pages and provides a contextual menu of popular search, sharing, and tagging options determined on the fly by a semantic analysis of each page.

“Since its launch at DEMOfall and Mozilla’s inclusion of BlueMenu in its showcase for Firefox 2.0 extensions, BlueOrganizer is on its way to becoming a success, and we look forward to more innovation from AdaptiveBlue,” said Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures.  “Alex Iskold and his team are making the semantic Web a reality, while helping consumers enjoy a more productive, rewarding and intelligent Web browsing experience.”

“The Firefox community is a different breed of Web surfers who are looking for a more customizable and streamlined Web experience,” said Alex Iskold, founder and CEO of AdaptiveBlue. “BlueOrganizer users are quickly embracing the ability to access, store, share, and research with one, easy-to-use tool.  Union Square Ventures will help us develop new, advanced features, while also helping us reach increase our market share.” 

For more information, visit the USV blog post.

Things look for Southern California’s (NASDAQ: LOCM).

The company just announced an $8 million private placement to Hearst Interactive Media, a division of Hearst Corporation, and Greenway Capital. According to their PR person, the proceeds are going towards general working capital and strategic initiatives, i.e. marketing, alliances, and development.

“Hearst’s investment in is a welcome endorsement of our long-term strategy by one of the largest media companies,” said Heath Clarke, CEO, “We are excited to learn from Hearst’s vast experience in reaching local consumers and merchants and believe that the relationship could ultimately accelerate the development of our own business.”

Said Kenneth Bronfin, president, Hearst Interactive Media: “ is well positioned to capitalize on the consumer and advertiser trends that are delivering growth in the emerging local search advertising industry. We believe has the right strategy and can become a leader in this area.”


Alison McNeill and Nandor Fejer were on scene to capture the action at STIRR 2.1 in Palo Alto.

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STIRR Founder’s Mixers are blend of a mixer for technology entrepreneurs, investors, bloggers and press and launchpad for new startups with an innovative format (the 60 second spot).

Presenting companies included:

  • Stickis, Marc Meyer, CEO
  • Vizu, Dan Beltramo, Founder
  • WeatherBill, David Friedberg, CEO  
  • The guest host for the evening was none other than Bambi Francisco, from Dow Jones MarketWatch and  

    STIRR Mixer 2.1 was sponsored by Sun Microsystems and its new startup friendly Startup Essentials program.  You can register here.

    STIRR 2.2 will be held on 2/21 and will feature Scott McNealy from Sun with the following companies presenting:

  • Attendio, Gerardo Capiel, CEO
  • Collaborative Drug Discovery, Barry Bunin, President
  • Confabb, Salim Ismail, CEO
  • JobCoin, Keith Schacht, CEO

    Many thanks to Megan McCarthy and Lane Hartwell for making the CommunityNext pre-party so!

    Valleywag’s story here.

    bub’s story here.

    Lane’s (Valleywag) pictures here

    Our pictures here.

    Photo Credit: Lane Hartwell,

    Annie Chang and Brian Solis, Photo Credit: Lane Hartwell,

    For more of Lane’s very cool pictures, visit her flickr album.

    by Brian Solis

    Note: Video below

    PowerSet threw a lavish party by 2.0 standards, which may have been more in line with the days of Web one point oh. It wasn’t a launch party however, it was to celebrate the millions the company has generated in venture funding. Now that’s

    With over 12.5 million in the bank, there’s a lot more questions than answers when the name PowerSet emerges in conversation though. One thing is for certain though, the company is already seeking its next round of funding.

    Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat, snipped this sound bite from Barney Pell, CEO, “Once you raise money, you start raising money over again.”

    The party was thrown at the stylish and high-end Frisson, and according to Thomas Hawk, “…it certainly did feel frothy and hypey – but then again so did TechCrunch 7, so I’m not sure that really means all that much.” Hawk continues, “The PowerSet party was kind of over the top. It was weird.”

    Party Crashers’ Chief crasher, Sarah Meyers, who is usually the one to stir things up for the sake of getting good footage (it is Party Crashers after all), let PowerSet walk the line all on its own.

    Mike Arrington sets up the video perfectly over at TechCrunch, “Pell talks at a high level about the product…At around the 2:47 mark, though, some poor soul gets caught on camera and answers Meyer’s question about what exactly Powerset is. His answer: ‘We have a demo where you can, like, search web pages and get results, like, like, books by children versus books for children…and that’s what we claim we can do…we’ll see in a year.’”

    Either way, videos, photos, and stories like this are becoming mainstream, and it really brings the need to embrace restraint and have a trained spokesperson on hand (sans booze) to answer these questions on or off camera.

    These days, it’s almost a given that either, Party Crashers or Valleywag will be on hand. While my coverage focuses on the “social economy behind Web 2.0,” some guests make it extremely easy for other reporters/bloggers to run with something that has instant viral appeal, such as the case with PowerSet.

    Marketing 101 – If you’re going to talk about your company, stay on message and say only the things that you “want” to read about or see the next day. If you’ve had too much to drink, or don’t know enough to position your company in a favorable light, then have the sense to step away from the camera, say “no comment,” and by all means, find a designated spokesperson – and a designated driver for that matter.