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by Brian Solis

It was one of those nights again…SF Win, SF Big, SFBeta and the Insider launch party for Dealmaker Media.

Adriana Gascoigne

Ferrin Schriner and Giselle Umland of Dealmaker Media

I admire the team at IBDNetwork (Debbie Landa, Alison Murdock, Christen O’Brien, Shay Nowick, Giselle Umland, and Ferrin Schriner) and the events that they produce. So, I felt an obligation to support their relaunch as Dealmaker Media.

Debbie Landa, the ultimate “Dealmaker”

Steve Larsen, CEO of Krugle

Held at the very chic Varnish Art Gallery and Wine Bar in San Francisco, Dealmaker’s launch was indeed bub.blicio.us.

Dealmaker Media produces conferences, roundtables, blogs, and research that connect CEOs, technology executives, investors, and press together with first-hand information about private companies, emerging markets and trends, and strategies for growth.

Debbie Landa and Alison Murdock

The event was overflowing with influencers at every level, CEOs, VCs, bloggers, reporters, and biz dev execs. Conversations spanned from technology, Web 2.0, as well as the ever popular exploration as to whether or not we’re in a bubble and if so, when will it pop.

Stowe Boyd

Peter Pham of Photobucket

David Fleck of Bittorrent, Christen O’Brien and Cody Willard, thestreet.com

Julia French

Those in attendance – and those I was able to hold dialog for a meaningful bit of time included Jeremy Toeman of Livedigitally, Gabe Rivera of Techmeme, Stowe Boyd, Adriana Gascoigne, Dan Farber of CNET, Steve Larsen of Krugle, Jason Hoffman of Joyent, Joanne Wan of GigaOm, Annette Kildunne of Invest Northern Ireland, Jing Liu of Mino and Lisa Padilla, vlogger.

Joanne Wan of GigaOm

Jason Hoffman of Joyent

Congratulations to the Dealmaker Media team. The event was well received and it definitely consumed most of my evening, only leaving room for one more event that night – which turned out to be SFBeta.

Looking forward to their next event, Under The Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters.

For more pictures from the event, jump to the flickr stream.

Brian Solis, publisher of bub.blicio.us and PR2.0, attended SFBeta at 111 Minna this week and Valleywag was on hand to document the event.

Valleywag photographer, Lane Hartwell – also of fetching - snapped this shot of Solis after he found her glasses (albeit broken). They went missing during the chaos that only this Web 2.0 networking and drinking extravaganza could elicit.

Valleywag: Brian Solis at SF Beta
To read the official Valleywag SFBeta post by Megan McCarthy, follow the jump.

Solis also shot the event (post coming soon). His photoset is on flickr.

Please join the creators of Girls in Tech (GIT) in celebrating the launch of a new organization centered around women’s contribution to technology in the world today.

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 28th at 7:00pm at Slide, 430 Mason (at Geary).

It’s guaranteed to be very bub.blicio.us.

Contact Adriana Gascoigne for additional details.

Lunch 2.0 @ Yahoo! bub.blicio.us TV
By Alison McNeill

Chandra Hardester and I were “ladies who lunch” on Wednesday as we attended Lunch 2.0 held at Yahoo! There was free food, time to catch up with friends, and a few announcements to kick off discussions.

Click Here For Video

We also interviewed the presenting companies included:

Cody Simms- Yahoo Publisher Network
Scott Rafer- MyBlogLog
Pasha Sadri – Yahoo! Pipes 

Havi Hoffman of Yahoo! (Who was kind enough to show us around)
Ian Kennedy of Yahoo Publisher Network and Ian Kennedy on Social Marketing Jeremiah Owyang of Web Strategy By Jeremiah
Ben Wan – Serial entrepreneur and angel investor Several folks from WebBuilder 

Special thanks to Lunch 2.0 cofounders Mark Jen and Joseph Smarr for getting us in the back door to cover the event!

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