Searchnomics will kick off tomorrow at the Santa Clara Convention Center at 8:30 a.m. The conference is for web and internet marketing professionals, bringing the leaders of the search industry together in one place to share cutting-edge knowledge, best practices and trends in:

• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Design and Development
• Branding and Promotion
• Web Analytics
• New Innovations and Opportunities

Over 30 Speakers will take the podium throughout the afternoon, including Keynote Speakers:

    Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience Google Inc.
    Bill Tancer, General Manager, Global Research, Hitwise

    Melanie Mitchell, Vice President of SEO/SEM, AOL

    Searchnomics 2007 is also a high caliber forum for networking with other Search Engine Marketers, Internet Marketing Professionals, Webmasters, Designers and Producers, Online Advertisers, Media Planners and Buyers, and myriad other professionals.

    “Searchnomics is a can’t miss learning and networking event for anyone that uses the web for internet marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising, acquiring customers, branding, and commerce,” said Daya Baran, WebGuild President.

    Tickets are still available.

    Enter the code “goog” to get tickets at a special, reduced rate of $100 — down from the non-member price of $775.





    WebGuild is the leading, non-profit forum for internet professionals providing programming that fosters learning, professional development, and networking for engineers, usability & user experience professionals, designers, internet marketers, IT managers, search engine marketers, and entrepreneurs to learn about emerging technologies, innovations, business models, and best practices and industry standards in the web field.

Our very own Adriana Gascoigne will grace the stage tomorrow at the Web Video Summit in San Jose.

Photo by Brian Solis

Track: WEB OF VIDEO | 2:00PM – 2:50PM

E4: The Power of Collaboration

Video making begins as a solo act. But more and more producers are discovering the benefits of working in a team setting with participants spread out around the world. We’ll look at these collaborative work flows to explore how and why people connect with each other. Often, the high impact, high quality works they produce not only make a creative statement, but have the potential to generate revenue.

MODERATOR: J.D. Lasica, Partner/Video Producer, Ourmedia

PANELIST: Kent Bye, Producer,

PANELIST: John Furrier, CEO, Podtech

PANELIST: Adriana Gascoigne, Vice President, Future Works Media // Co-Founder, Girls in Tech // Video Blogger for

PANELIST: Dave Toole, CEO, Outhink Media

The Silicon Valley Newtech Meetup is still charging forward, drawing a standing room only crowd and also attracting crowds from the all-day Launch Silicon Valley event held earlier at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus.

At 150 people strong, the Silicon Valley Newtech is one of the top monthly tech events south of San Francisco.

This month’s lineup was exciting, showcasing consumer and business applications that offer compelling services that have a solid shot at long term viability.

Here’s a recap of the companies (note: there’s video footage of the presentations below):

veodia.comPar Gandhi, VP of Marketing

Veodia positions itself as a live TV studio in your browser. It facilitates 24/7 or episodic lifecasts on the Web and through mobile appliances.

Veodia’s high-end video broadcasting service caters to both professional bloggers and business users in search of a simple way of creating and distributing TV-quality video while preserving full control and ownership of their content. For business, it is ideal for livecasting training sessions, HR and executive announcements, product reviews, marketing events, lectures, conferences, speeches, panels, etc.

Also see the series over at PR2.0 for a deeper look at this landscape.

Ning.comJim Squires

Ning, launched in October 2004, is an online service where you can create, customize, and share your own Social Network for free in minutes. They currently host over 66,000 networks and recently introduced the ability for users to build their own Facebook applications around their Ning networks.

attendio.comGerardo Capiel , CEO

Attendio is an event discovery service that brings users information via the web, email, online calendars and mobile phones. For example, music lovers can be alerted when their favorite bands are playing locally, and families can see what child-friendly activities are happening on the weekend.

Attendio intelligently matches member’s interests with events, and offers social networking features such as invitations and reviews.

pikeo.comVincent Roussilhon

Pikeo is a beta product from France Telecom Research and Development. Users can search photos based on three separate criteria: Who, What, and Where. According to a past review on TechCrunch, if you search for “Paris,” you can find photos categorized by who took them, what they were photographing, and where they are geographically.

Other noteworthy attendees that I caught up with include:

Zoli Erdos
Shobier Shobieri
Paul Pattison of PictureCloud
Ben Metcalfe

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Words and pictures by Julie Blaustein

Joanne of GigaOm
Joanne “Joey” Wan of GigaOM and Hostess with the Mostess for the Pier Screenings events

This time around for GigaOM/NewTeeVee‘s summer screenings (co-hosted by MetaCafe), the weather was not so flipping cold. The heat lamps throughout definitely contributed to an incredible night of extremely funny, cool, online videos at Pier 38.

Pier 38 from the Embarcadero view

Free popcorn, beer, cofee, hot chocolate, candy and even prizes kept folks happy while watching and judging the parody-themed videos that were previously uploaded to NewTeeVee. The best six videos were screened and the audience chose the winner by using Moses to text message their votes.

Hangiing on the Pier

Before getting to the actual videos, which were all under five minutes, the audience was treated to a discussion of viral marketing from JibJab co-founder Gregg Spiridellis, whose “This Land” was one of the first truly “viral” videos. The judges included Spiridellis, attorney Jason Schultz of the EFF and comedienne Heather Gold. The fantastic sponsors included NextNew Networks, Fabrik, Revision3 and Vod Pod.

Gregg Spiridellis of JibJab

The Judges
Gregg Spiridellis, Jason Schultz and Heather Gold

And the winners were:

In first place was Sean Sahlin’s “The Real World Ikea,” in which a group of strangers learn to love and hate one another while living in Ikea. In second place was Randi and Jen’s “Valleyfreude,” where folks sing about the ups and downs of being in the Valley (they even tease us with news that “inappropriate Blackberry use” is coming soon). Coming in third and fourth, respectively, were Nicholas Quixote’s “Rabbit Bites!” and Andy Cochrane and The AV Club’s “8 1/2 Mile.”

T.J. DeGroat of livestreaming

Thomas Hawk and Christopher Tate of Zooomr

Tough day at the office for sponsor Fabrik Gold

It was a casual scene, with folks not into networking as much as they usually are at, say, a club, but rather just enjoying being out in the fresh air by the water. The crowd even gave the illusion that folks in the tech world are a healthy bunch. If you can make the next pier showing on Tuesday, July 24th, I highly reccomend you take time out of your busy schedules and go. Although it is free to go, make sure you rsvp as tickets do sell out.

Photo Credit: Brian Solis

To see more pictures visit Julie Blaustein’s album, as well as sets by Brian Solis and T.J. DeGroat.

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by Victor Karamalis

Whoever said that what happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas? Although Microsoft unveiled a lot of its offerings demonstrated earlier this year in Las Vegas at their Mix event, the deal makers over at Dealmaker Media convinced them to remix their presentations for Silicon Valley.

And that they did. Microsoft showcased its new services such as ‘Silverlight,’ ‘Windows Live’ , and a surprising show from ‘Popfly™’ (more on that later) at REMIX last week. Mix is an ongoing conversation between web designers, developers, and business decision makers.

As a consultant, I had to ask a question or two about their services and this up-close-and-personal event was the perfect opportunity to ask many a question. Specifically, I asked John Richards, Director of Windows Live™ Platform Product Management, about the issues that plagued Office Live when it first came out (for those of you who do not know, Office offered free domain hosting and registration with Hotmail email access). The issue was that they were bombarded with requests and users were unable to get to their Office Live and email accounts. It took months for Microsoft to scale up to the demands.

Mr. Richards said there were no SLA’s at the moment and that the formal launching of Windows Live™ would not be until Spring of 2008. Privacy-wise, they have addressed many issues in what information users would be allowed to hide. However, he did show a clip of one of its initial users,, and what they did to integrate Windows Live Messenger into their service. The integration was seamless if a user was logged into the Windows Live Messenger client. In addition, the way that people could connect and research one another was shown. This is one of the more articulate and specific areas that Microsoft has addressed coming to Web 2.0-based technologies.

The scene stealer, however, was in showing off ‘Popfly™,’ which was not even intended to be demonstrated. I watched as the Silverlight™ plugin was installed in a ridiculously fast manner (watch out Adobe). I then saw another Microsoft technologist, Anand Iyer, demonstrate the capabilities to mash-up multiple existing cross platform services such as Flickr™ in eye-popping methods that used revolving picture frames and globe-revolving views solely by using a MS Access-like relationship model but in 3D. Microsoft uses the invite method to spread the word of Popfly a la Google’s GMAIL™. This is what Microsoft brings to the table; it brings different services and melds them with little or no work and for a developer or business that is already overworked, making their lives simpler is what will make many entrepreneurs take a good look at this platform.