TechCrunch9 at August Capital was everything it promised to be, but thankfully short of the hype factor. We’re currently working on the first of several posts which we will publish shortly.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures by Brian Solis.

Thomas Hawk and Brian Solis

James Im of HeyCosmo

Maggie Tsai and Wade Ren of diigo

Scott Beale of Laughing Squid

Lane Hartwell of Fetching Shooting for Wired

Luis Renteria of FutureWorks and Alex Iskold of AdaptiveBlue

Kurt Collins and Jessica Mah

Frank Gruber of AOL

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words by Ann Crane, pictures by Brian Solis

13 connected innovators or 12 plus a fake

The evening Networking Gala was the final Supernova extravaganza, open to all attendees and hosted on the impressive Imperial Floor of the Westin St. Francis, which included 2 top area restaurants with aerial views of San Francisco. The event also provided a showcase of Supernova Connected Innovators. From the scores of applicants, organizer Kevin Werbach and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington selected the top 12 and judges/panelists Julie Hanna Farris, Josh Kopelman, Paul Kedrosky, and Mike Arrington had rated the innovator’s five pitches and shared their opinions on each one’s viability.

Posted below is a short overview of 12 innovators from the Supernova Connected Innovators program, selected as likely to make an impact on the connected future.
Amir Ashkenazi(CEO and Founder)
Understanding that online video medium is growing exponentially with more than half of the American Internet population viewing video content online, is a new, cutting-edge ad network designed specifically (and desperately needed) for the online video medium. displays highly relevant ads that can be clicked-through to the ad’s web page.

CEO Alex Iskold
Realizing that semantics and context play a critical role in personalization, created “BlueOrganizer”, creating personalized browser pages with shortcuts based on content. Another product, “Smartlinks”, lets site publishers and bloggers insert smartlinks in their own content.

Aggregate Knowledge
Paul Martino, CEO
Provides service that let site owners insert links on pages, providing real-time, collective merchandising and navigation capabilities.

Alex Vikati, co-founder and president of CastTV
described themselves as building the web’s best video search, providing the best way to find all your online videos, from TV shows to movies to the latest celebrity, sports, news, and viral videos. CastTV is currently an invitation-only beta service.

Critical Metrics
Site where every week, artists, DJs, music, tv networks, newspapers, magazines, retailers, and bloggers recommend their favorite new songs. Critical Metrics keeps track of recommendations and playlists across all media so you can easily find, try, and buy the best new music. Critical Metrics is currently free.

Provides service where you can talk to your online friends on the phone, no computer or download required, call people anywhere in the world, keep your number private when dating, buying or selling, leave anyone voice mail from your phone. Launching Facebook integration soon.

Pando Networks
Pando is free P2P software that makes publishing, sending and downloading large media files fast and easy. Makes it simple to email large attachments, IM a folder, or publish downloadable videos to the Web, even download full-screen HD Internet TV.

Service that allows you to create public opinion polls and insert them on your own site.  Create a poll and share it with your friends, or share it with experts identified by the SodaHead community, or even share it with complete strangers. Then choose to rely on the conventional wisdom, the opinion of your friends, or the experts.

A search engine, specifically, a people search engine. Name = everything it can find and where it found it. uses tags, and users can vote on accuracy of tags as well. With over one hundred million people already indexed and millions added every day, Spock is building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine. SPOCK is currently an invitation-only beta service. If you want an invitation, email us at dontpot at gmail.

Aggregates user and expert reviews, attempting to make the process of product research easier, quicker and more relevant. Ranks by price, brand, Wize Rank and buzz, searches more than 7,151 websites, ranks almost 30,419 products and features more than a million user and expert reviews.

Makes your phone screen a portal into your own customized interface, navigate personalized, cached content in the form of Tiles. Using your thumb, two taps get you directly to any Tile, constantly refresh your Tiles in the background, so they’re always fresh, available, and ready to be Zoomed.

Provides software that mobile device manufacturers can use to allow users to collect songs from live digital streams using Wife, wherever you go, whenever you want. simplifies how you collect and manage your playlists, ay integrated into one device that’s always on and ready to play.

Fake Site: ZapMeals
Ivan McClure & Wayne Lambright, described an online food ordering & delivery marketplace, matching hungry consumers with independent local food preparers and a network of local delivery providers. That’s a fancy way of saying we do great fast food… only faster, or faker as it turned out.

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by Brian Solis

I bumped into Randy Jayne at the TechCrunch9 Party and we talked a bit about her videos. She told me about her latest creation which poked fun at the iPhone.  I guess I had missed while on vacation, so I was anxious to see it.

Let’s forget that Randi Jayne is the sister of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s instead pay attention to her talent, wit and very clever sense of humor.

After her last big hit, “Valleyfruede,” Jayne teamed up with the talented Irina Slutsky and Revision3′s David Prager to spoof “Dontcha” by The Pussycat Dolls. Nora McDevitt directed this video, which in my opinion, is the most professionally produced video yet from the Jayne.

Jayne and company is to tech what Weird Al is to pop music, just a lot more attractive.

In this video, the troop refreshingly captures the essence behind iPhone mania portraying it for what it really is – pure silliness. It’s true, the iPhone has become a pop culture phenomenon, transforming its owners into temporary celebrities.

In the video, Randi portrays a human representation of the iPhone, sauntering on the set as if she were truly a pop star.

The song opens with Prager busting out rhymes and Jayne following with, “I know you want me. I know you do. That’s why I see you drooling every time I’m on the news.”

The chorus follows with, “Dontcha wish your cell phone was hot like me. Dontcha wish your keypad was button free.”

Jayne takes shots at other popular phones including Razr, Blackjack, and Sidekick. She closes the last chorus with a painful zinger and reminder to all of us iPhone users out there, “Dontcha wish you spent more than a half of g.”

Ouch. Thanks for that reminder.

Well, to close out the post, I took a stab at my own lyrics…

My battery’s hidden

You can’t get to it

I’m so slim and sexy, I make you forget about what you want

You like to take pictures

You love video

But I’m so cool, you should change everything you know and do

Dontcha wish your iPhone had ActiveSync

Dontcha wish your iPhone had Three Gee



Dontcha wish your iPhone had cut and paste

Dontcha wish you dialed through a voice interface


You can watch the video here.

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by Brian Solis 

Twitter is the new Kleenex. The new Fed Ex. The new Xerox.  Why?

Because it is now a brand associated with an action.

Can you pass me a Kleenex please. I need to clean the glass so I can make a Xerox of this stuff that I then need to Fed Ex tonight. Oh, I’ll do this by Twittering my status along the way.

Twitter is leading the way for microblogging aka life streams, flow applications, and nanoblogging.  Now Twitter can twitter that it also scored a round of funding which ultimately will help them get more people on the Twitter bandwagon, twittering their updates for all the other twitteroos to enjoy all over the world.

New York City-based Union Square Ventures (we’ve dubbed them the hitmakers of Web 2.0), led the round of funding for founders Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey to drive Twitter to the next level in redefining how we communicate. USV are also investors in, Feedburner, Tacoda (this is the ad firm that AOL recently purchased).

The amount was undisclosed at the time of this writing.

I was personally wondering when Twitter was going shift from project to business, and take the leap for raising serious cash.  After all, the space is heating up with a leading set of contenders paving the way for new communications applications, both horizontal and vertical, including Jaiku and Pownce.  All carry the daunting task of crossing over to the masses, but at this early stage, each solution is building a core and dedicated user base that will grow independently of each other, with some, but minor, overlap.

The thing that makes Twitter so fascinating is that it has opened its API to the development community to create cool, interesting, and clever mashups that extend the functionality of Twitter for specific applications. There is an abundance of lists, wikis, and directories to find the latest and greatest as well as the most popular. 

In my opinion, the development around Twitter is only second to the flurry of third-party applications launching on the Facebook platform.  I’m sure we’re also going to see a flood of activity around those building Safari-based applications optimized for Apple’s iPhone, but that’s another story.

Fred Wilson, managing partner at USV, stated in his blog post about the deal: 

Twittering is an emerging new form of communication on the Internet that changes the expectations associated with other forms of communication and yet it’s fundamentally different than blogging. Twitter provides a platform for banter that blogging doesn’t and it’s available in so many places via IM, mobile text messaging, or the Web that it induces a different sort of behavior. Twitter encourages people to adapt and invent behavior to suit their needs.

Jack Dorsey also posted on the Twitter blog about the deal:

From some of his early writing about Twitter we had a hunch Fred Wilson was someone we’d get along with. After we met with Fred and his team, we knew we wanted to work together…To help us achieve these goals we’re also working with our old friends out here on the West Coast at Charles River Ventures. In addition, we’re honored to include some folks we’ve been inspired by as angel investors including Marc Andreessen, Dick Costolo, Ron Conway, and Naval Ravikant, to name a few.

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