story and picture by Brian Solis

Marshall Kirkpatrick is back!

Richard MacManus announced that Kirkpatrick is joining the team full time as their lead news writer.

Per MacManus, “I’m very pleased to announce that Marshall Kirkpatrick is joining Read/WriteWeb as a Lead Writer, starting this Monday. Marshall teams up with Josh Catone in this role, meaning that Read/WriteWeb now has three daily writers…Marshall will focus on breaking news for Read/WriteWeb, something he is very skilled at and which will complement Josh and I well.”

I’m a fan of Marshall’s style and it’s good to have his insight to help dissect and assess the good and the bad through the escalating volume of web news.

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Story and Picture by Brian Solis

Robert admires Maryam during his baby shower at Gnomedex

Join me in congratulating Robert and Maryam Scoble as they welcome their newborn son Milan William Scoble.

From Scoble’s Twitter stream:

Milan is here!

Phoned-in TwitterGram

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind wishes! Everyone is doing well.

Milan is 9 lbs and was born at 2.24 p.m. today.

Photos of Milan are up at…@N01/

More from Dave Winer.

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by Brian Solis

Good friend Vic Podcaster of HotfromSiliconValley fame is working on his very own startup. StartupNewz hasn’t officially launched yet, but it appears that you can request an invite to participate in the private beta.

It’s basically a dedicated Digg for startup news that becomes the platform for people to discover new companies. It opens up the news game, allowing the crowds to also publish startup news and vote on the most popular stories.

Seems like this may have legs as the appetite for startup news isn’t satisfied and by putting people in control of publishing startup news, we may indeed see more interesting information outside of the usual memes out there.

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Allow me to introduce our latest show to the line up, True Silicon Valley Stories hosted by our very own Adriana Gascoigne.

In the premier episode, Adriana interviews Snocap to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of digital licensing and copyright management services for the digital music marketplace. We also feature a special live performance of in house guest for the day, Hanson.

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Twiistup Logo

Although the party was still in full swing, Via Osgood‘s night was coming to a close, yet she was able to round up the folks from MediaTemple and Goowy to talk about what’s in store for them, and whether or not Bono really was hanging out with the Twiistup crew.

Demian P. Sellfors, Founder and CEO of MediaTemple
Chris Lea, MediaTemple
Sashi Bommakanty, Goowy

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