The social business workflow is based on people being able to connect, communicate and share information more efficiently. Collaboration platforms such as Jive,, and others have not been flexible enough to properly support the rapid transformation to mobile that is occurring in the workforce.

But there are some bright lights on the horizon. At its annual gathering in Las Vegas this month, Jive introduced an extension to their social business platform called Jive Present.

Jive states that “…it’s become a business imperative that teams have an easy, intuitive and controlled way to receive information and leverage social tools to interact with the right content and people. With Jive Present, organizations now have a powerful tool accessible anytime and anywhere.”

Since mobile devices, especially tablets, are entering the business workflow faster than any technology device ever, it’s imperative that companies keep their mobile workers connected to their internal networks. One of the biggest challenges that CIOs face is ensuring that their mobile workforce can seamlessly access important data while keeping that data secure.

By extending their platform beyond the desktop companies like Jive will offer more relevant solutions for collaborating. It’s about time that the burgeoning mobile workforce has the ability to collaborate regardless of their location.

With Halloween less than a week away, this weekend will likely be a big hit amongst costume, candy and party lovers. When you’re out and about celebrating, don’t forget to check-in to your favorite location based application.

Foursquare launched a series of badges, pictured below, that encourage users to check-in to the Halloween festivities they participate in. In order to receive a badge you need to wish friends “Happy Halloween” when checking-in and are welcome to share a picture while rocking out Gangnam Style, showing off your Katniss inspired look or any other costume you choose to wear this year. The company is also offering an extra treat if more than 10 friends check-in together at one location.

Foursquare Halloween Badges

Although not all users are incentivized purely by pretty badges, those that are will enjoy the latest additions to their badge collection over the next few days. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

This last weekend, the San Francisco Giants played their hardest and entered into the World Series running.

Monster Products loves the Giants so much, they created limited edition Inspiration Orange headphones and gave them to the players.

As you can see (left) Gregor Blanco, Angel Pagan and Joaquin Aris couldn’t leave the locker room without tweeting a picture of them in the locker room!

We here at Bubblicious want to share the same with you! We’ve got a pair of Giants Inspiration Monster headphones to give away to one of our lucky readers!

The headphones are orange and white in color, and are perfect for the die hard Giants fan!  

George Kontos tweeted this picture (right) wearing his pair after the game.

You can enter into the contest by Tweeting a photo in your latest San Francisco giants gear to @bubblicious AND @monsterproducts and using hashtag #SFGiants.

You must tweet to both @Bubblicious and @MonsterProducts with the hashtag #SFGiants to win! Winner will be announced by 5 p.m. PT Friday October, 26. Good luck!

Many people have been asking themselves the toughest question of all: iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III? The smartphone design and manufacturer is important. But oh so more critical is the operating system you choose: iOS or Android. There are so many similarities in the two operating systems that now the lawyers are getting rich — but there is a major factor to consider that you may not be thinking about as you hone in on your final decision:

Platforms matter. They really do.

When you get an iPhone, one of the first things it asks you during setup is to create an iCloud account. What, you don’t have one? You probably do and just don’t realize it. Did you ever create a .mac email address back in the day? If so, you have an iCloud account. If not, what is iCloud you ask? Well, iCloud is Apple’s attempt at a mostly free cloud storage service. Kinda like Dropbox for all your Apple-related content. iCloud is really fantastic if you have multiple Apple devices. With iCloud you can sync your email, contacts, calendar, and even more important, your apps and iTunes media across all your iOS devices and Macs. You never really leave home without access to those trashy reality shows you bought on iTunes.

When you setup your new Galaxy S III one of the first questions it throws out at you is what is your Gmail address? LIke iPhone, Android revolves heavily around Google’s services. And of course, Google helped invent the cloud and what it’s become over the years. So once you type your Gmail address, you will be able to sync all your Google services, including email, contacts, calendar, and Google Drive and Play. Similar to iPhone, you can sync all your media purchased or rented through the Play marketplace.

The gotcha: This is where platform matters. If you mix and match, a la having Mac computers at home, a Windows laptop at work and an Android device like the Galaxy, you’re potentially gonna miss out on what a closed platform brings you. You can’t listen to or watch your iTunes media on an Android device. You can use third-party apps to access your Play media on iPhone, but it’s not a stellar experience. The Gmail app on iPhone is a much different experience than it is on Android. And of course, do we really need to talk about maps on both platforms? It’s a different experience.

As each company reaches for more marketshare, they are closing their ecosystems even more. To be successful, they’re going to need to offer experiences that compel customers to want to commit to one ecosystem. A truly “open” platform is no longer possible. You’re going to have to choose and deal with the consequences. The experience when you’re on one or the other is optimal — it diminishes a bit when you mix and match.

At the end of that day, you may consider important features such as screen size, battery life, ease of use, and more. However, you also need to think about the platform and what it means for you and how you use your device. If you like access to your data and your content across multiple devices, you may need to make a platform decision before you make a smartphone choice.

Trendy Lime Presents THE MANSION: A Halloween Odyssey on October 31 at San Francisco’s Historic Payne Mansion

It’s that time of year! For Trendy Lime’s social network of chic and trendy international professionals, Halloween is a chance to dress up in outrageous costumes and party the night away.

This year Trendy Lime is throwing an elegant and mysteriously spooky soiree at one of San Francisco’s most elegant venues: the breathtaking (and possibly haunted!) Payne Mansion.

As with all events, their Halloween spook-tacular will be all about fabulous fashion, cutting edge music, and the opportunity to network with San Francisco’s most beautiful and influential young tastemakers.

Guests will dance the night away to music by our super-spooky DJs, DJ Playdoughboy and DJ Evi.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Trendy Lime is taking the opportunity not only to raise awareness about all the brave women who face breast cancer every year, but also raise funds for Tatiana, an amazing 27-year-old who is in the midst of breast cancer treatment. To support the cause, there will be Charity Casino tables, and Trendy Lime will donate $1 from every drink sold at the party to help fight breast cancer.

Sponsors include: Froomz, Finlandia,  Little Black Dress Vodka and SOLZ.

Trendy Lime’s THE MANSION: A Halloween Odyssey will take place on October 31.  You can get tickets here.


We’re giving away 3 sets of tickets to our Bubblicious readers! Thats right, you can win a ticket for yourself and a friend.  We will be announcing the winners next Friday the 26th on our Facebook page.

All you have to do is follow @Trendylime on Twitter and leave us a comment on our Bubblicious page on Facebook on who you will be dressing as for halloween to be entered to win!

Winners will be contacted on Facebook.  You must live in Silicon Valley.