By T.J. DeGroat

As we turned onto McKinnon St. in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, my party-mate Kathleen tilted her head toward me and said, “This is not cute. We are literally on the wrong side of the tracks.”

The industrial stretch of warehouses and seemingly random train tracks is not what most people picture when they imagine a Web 2.0 soiree, but the folks at photo community site LuckyOliver really hit the ball out of the park with this event. Leaving the lounges and gallery/bars for an honest-to-goodness junkyard was a genius idea — not to mention a kick-ass photo op:

The LuckyOliver crew gave everyone who entered tickets for free tacos being served out of a real taco truck parked inside the yard. There were two free beer stations. Best of all, there was a Mexican band blasting cumbias (the group was followed by a DJ). Have a listen here.

Here are some photos:

Waiting for tacos, holding the cam.
Photo credit: Kathleen Morford

And if the rad music or fine company wasn’t enough to hold an attendee’s attention, the … junk surely was. Check it out:

For more photos, check out T.J.’s set. Relive the party at the archive of our cam. Follow on Twitter.


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    no imagePauline (Who am I?)21 July 2007 12:57 pm

    We are friends of the Romero’s & it was nice to see and hear them playing at El Yonke.

    I live in Santa Rosa. Sebastopol is about 15 min. west. That town has many metal structures. They’ve been in the newspaper alot w/ their art structures. It beautiful, creative, resourceful, and darn nice. Your metal artwork reminded me of it. If you ever have a chance, check it out. Since you like yonke, you’l like these creatures.

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