Last night as my husband was Tivo-ing through the football game and the commercials, I saw an Apple ad go by. We stopped, clicked back a few frames, and watched. It says something about an ad campaign when you stop fast forwarding and make an effort to view the commercial.

Apparently two new Apple ads debuted last night. I’m entertained by the ads, as I always have been. I enjoy John Hodgman and Justin Long – and last night, David Puddy, er, Patrick Warburton. The actors make me smile. I’m also entertained by the Seinfeld thing. Remember when Jerry did those strange commercials for Microsoft? Now we have Puddy shilling for Apple. I find it funny.

The ads seem to have received mixed reviews, however, as some people are just tired of the shtick.

Gizmodo: The ad reiterates the same played-out message we’ve heard in dozens of these ads: PCs get viruses, crash, push your grandparents down the stairs, whatever, so go buy a Mac and be hip or something. Apple’s amassing a really funny cast here; even Justin Long was great in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and tossing Patrick Warburton in there could have been a golden opportunity to be, you know, funny instead of just smug. Too bad Apple seems content to stick with the status quo.

Cult of Mac: The ad isn’t funny, just like the rest of the ailing series. This joke has definitely run its course. Like Sieinfield itself, it’s time for Apple to pull the plug.

The ads directly target the Microsoft “Laptop Hunters” campaign, using girls who are similar to Microsoft’s (and now HP‘s) Lauren. The campaign drives home the fact that Macs are generally virus-free. Now, I know that most of you are smart enough to avoid viruses on your PCs, but that’s you. Every week, we have a different PC in our house that belongs to a member of our family. We’re always stripping them of viruses and malware. I hope my family watches these commercials. I could do with less computer fixing.

Below find both ads embedded from YouTube:



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