by Michelle Lentz

With the introduction of the iPhone Apps Store this coming Friday, the mobile web is going to change. Mobile phones are going to be more than communication devices and smart phones. I know I can’t wait to download a bunch of applications, and truthfully, I’ll search out the free ones before the paid ones. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Some close friends of Brian’s, Eric and Rana, are behind the launch of Medialets, also this Friday, which offers developers an interesting option. Medialets is launching a mobile ad platform for iPhone apps. This allows developers to build free applications, but still make money by building ads into the actual applications.


Using Medialets, developers will be able to embed ads directly into their applications. The applications can be monetized using CMP, CPC, and CPA advertising. This gives everyone the best of both worlds – the developers can make money and we can still access the applications for free.

Medialets is working to make sure the experience is seamless for both developers and users. For developers, Medialets is providing analytics, tracking, and a toolkit for embedding the Medialets platform. Medialets will then take care of sourcing the advertising. For the user, Medialets is working with the developers to make sure the ads are integrated into the application without disrupting the user experience.

Medialets officially launches on July 11th.

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    no imageiPhone Canada (Who am I?)9 July 2008 5:43 pm

    How do I buy Ads on the Medialet network ? I see that the Google Adsense Ads read nicely from some of the Blogger web sites on my iPhone.

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    no imageGary Freis (Who am I?)24 July 2008 10:15 am

    Even better: no annoying spam on the free iTunes apps! Let’s keep them clean and sleek!

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