by Brian Solis

I snapped this shot of Michael Arrington and Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch40

Valleywag’s Owen Thomas is reporting that Mark Zuckerberg is depositing not cashing out $40 million into his personal account this week.

Peter Thiel, primary Facebook backer, through his Founders Fund, has issued “Series FF” shares to his entrepreneurs, giving them the right to sell shares alongside their companies to new investors. In this updated report, Zuckerberg is not cashing in at the moment.

According to Silicon Alley Insider, $40 million of the $300 million of stock sold to Microsoft and Li Ka-shing belonged to Zuckerberg. According to updated reports, this is not correct.  Zuckerberg does own between 20-30% of the company, and at the current $15 billion valuation, that ain’t too shabby.

I think the general sentiment is that Zuckerberg has every right to cash-in, if it were an option, while he can to focus on Facebook and not worry about finances for quite sometime. We all know, that Facebook will only demand more of his time now that the once media darling company has shown it “can” make mistakes.

Mark, either way, drinks are always on you!

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