by Victor Karamalis

Lunch 2.0

For those of you that have not attended a Lunch 2.0 event, it is the perfect place to hob nob with freelancers and full time tech professionals getting together for a free (and often delectable lunch). Not to mention, the opportunity to land yourself a cool job or possibly meet up with fellow entrepreneurs. Regardless, the folks who organize Lunch 2.0 events like Terry Chay, Mark Jen and Bernadette Balla deserve the credit for growing these events to different cities on Both coasts and beyond in Europe.

VYSR in Palo Alto has designed a unique voice and text infrastructure that is meant to enhance decades’ old telephony system with that of simple, natural and ubiquitous communication online. These guys are serious in making this happen with dev shops in Palo Alto and India; they can customize solutions as well as create Facebook Applications. So, at this point, all I can say is “who’s going for seconds?”

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    no imageAndrew Warner (Who am I?)3 April 2008 9:19 am

    I want to make sure readers know that this is a world-wide phenomenon. You don’t have to be the valley to attend. I do them in SoCal and get huge crowds.

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    no imageAndrew Mager (Who am I?)3 April 2008 11:00 am

    Yea, Lunch 2.0 is one of the best events ever created. People walk in unsure of what to expect and what to do. Once they start eating and mingling, everything falls into place.

    The true winners of Lunch 2.0 are those who escape with 10 or more business cards. And a full belly :)

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