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Two atoms are walking down the street. One says, “Oh crap, I think I lost my electron.” The other says, “How do you know?” The first one replies, “Oh I’m positive I lost it.”

Geek humor was on display at Lunch 2.0′s first San Francisco event, held at the Yahoo! Brickhouse, home to video-editing site Jumpcut. A demo by the Jumpcut team, featuring a video that includes the aforementioned joke, was sandwiched between eating and schmoozing.

Karen Nguyen leads a Jumpcut demo

Ashot Petrosian edits a video during the Jumpcut demo

Some of the Lunch 2.0 crowd

Ernie Hsiung, a recent addition to the Brickhouse team, has my vote for new Lunch 2.0 posterboy (note: he’s posing, people)

Hsiung poses with Valleywag’s new editor, Owen Thomas

Lunch 2.0 began as a guerilla-style hunt for free lunch at campus cafeterias in the Silicon Valley. Now the original group of four, along with hungry Web 2.0 workers and enthusiasts, is welcomed into Bay Area offices. Check out this video for more on the event’s origin.

The Brickhouse lunch is the first of hopefully many lunches outside the valley — but events will continue in sunnier areas. In fact, Lunch 2.0 will serve up its next meal tomorrow at Simply Hired’s Mountain View headquarters. RSVP here.

For more from the Brickhouse, check out T.J. DeGroat’s photo set. Follow us on Twitter and watch us live on Justin.tv.


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