Flickr has officially rolled out video support according to TechCrunch – well according to the Shel Israel puppet voiced by Loren Feldman on TechCrunch.

What better way to share the news than to use the new service to do so!?

As you can see, I’ve embedded a video from Flickr in this post. Portability is a must-have feature for anything related to online video. The player and the process of embedding it, is simple and elegant.

Instead of episodic content, Flickr is shooting for video updates. Initially videos can be only 90 seconds in length and roughly 150MB in size

While this isn’t intended to be a competitor to YouTube, nor is video support innovative, The new service does offer a dedicated and all inclusive hub for your images and video, which is unique and valuable. For example, many digital cameras and camera phones shoot video, but most people only upload the still images and leave the video on their PC or email them to friends and family. Flickr gives them a distribution channel for all their content, tapping into the social network they’ve already created.

And, videos, like images, are searchable via tags and descriptions to enhance discoverability.

Like YouTube, Flickr is rolling out an API for programmers to create new services around Flickr videos, so things will only get more interesting as the flickr community embraces this new, and much needed, service.

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