Welcome to the Justin.tv broadcast network.

Justin.tv is having a very bub.blicio.us with the addition of two new channels on his very popular livecasting network. This news comes in just one week after launching iJustine’s dedicated channel.

The team hopes to introduce new channels every week building a full blown livecast network from the ground up.

Who are the two latest stars? Today marked the official launch of Parris Harris aka P.H.ashion and also Bay Area Hip Hop station Wild 94.9.

Wild 94.9 debuted today with a live interview of pop singer Rhianna, and well. Parris Harris, just launched with pure off the wall, non stop offbeat humor. Parris is going to be very entertaining.

The entire lifecasting movement is gaining unbelievable momentum. I call it this phenomenon You.tv and it’s only a matter of time until everyone has some sort of video presence on the Web. Basically it’s all about “enter your name here” dot tv forcing reality television through an online renaissance.

We’ll see who’s set for next week. Rumor has it that Hooman.tv is one of the contendenders.

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