by Michelle Lentz

If you’re not familiar, Jott is a voice-to-text transcription service. I used it heavily to send notes, via email, to myself while I was out and about. Jott was much safer than texting or emailing myself while driving. I also used it to send notes, voice to text, to my husband and other folks.  Jott offers additional services, such as posting to Twitter and your blog just by sending a voice message. The Jott app is one of my favorite iPhone apps.

Back in autumn, Jott cut back on their free offerings when they came out of beta. Since then, around 30% of Jott’s users have opted for the Premium, $4/month option. But now, it looks like they are dropping all of their free services.

Jott CEO John Pollard told Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) that the free version of Jott will end on February 2. “The terrible advertising market,” he says, “means every customer has to pay their own way from now on. Customers will need to pay $4/month to continue the service, the current price for a premium account.” This includes users of the iPhone application.

I suspect that this may be happening with more and more Web 2.0 applications. Brace yourself for an interesting year.

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